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Test your Winter Camp knowledge here.
Every Monday our resident Trivia Guru, Mark Bollman -->, posts a new set of questions

There are five questions, all you need to do is provide the correct answer for each questions fill in your name and e-mail address and hit submit.

Some weeks include a bonus question. If you answer all the earlier questions correctly then you become eligible for the bonus question. If you get that one right, you score extra points; if you miss it, you lose points.

You can see how you're doing by clicking on high scores below

Disclaimer: Mark is solely responsible for questions and answers. Decisions of the judge are basically final unless you can convince him you were right after all (good luck!)

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Data for quizzes held in previous years is avaialble using the links below.

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Since the quiz began in 1998, there are no earlier years available. If you're really dying to find more Winter Camp Trivia, you can read through the History pages, where many of the newsletters have trivia questions

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