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A traditionally unconventional part of Migisi Opawgan chapter since 1977

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Latrine Contest

Project Manager:Jeff Rand
Start Date:1985-12-26
Target Date:1990-12-31
This contest was held annually from Winter Camps IX through XIV. For its first four years, the registration of time spent and a log of toilet paper usage were maintained on a honor system. At Winter Camps XIII and XIV, Jeff Rand put together a computer program which monitored these activities and warned of latrine invasions by unauthorized users. Competition of sorts was contested in several categories, including longest and shortest visit, total time during the weekette, and toilet paper conservation.
Team Members
Engineering: Doug Wilson
Splash Programming: Mike Osvath
Goals in progress
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Goals Achieved
No completed goals exist for this project
Tasks Completed
Calibrate counting mechanism for paper usage.Jeff Rand1989-12-261989-12-261989-12-26
Install sensors on toilet seat lidsJeff Rand1989-12-261989-12-261989-12-26
Run cables from latrine to computer in Beaver CreekJeff Rand1989-12-261989-12-261989-12-26
Create an electric toilet paper dispenser.Jeff Rand1989-12-271989-12-271989-12-27
Tasks In progress

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