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Jell-O Molds

Still a tradition despite being ruined hundreds of times since 1977

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Jell-O Molds

Project Manager:Jeff Rand
Start Date:1978-12-27
Target Date:0000-00-00
Among the many curiosities dotting the walls of the Winter Camp kitchen are a pair of Jell-O molds which are traditionally hung each year. The copper lobster and cornucopia were filled with gelatin at Winter Camp II and occasionally thereafter, but their primary function is decorative. At Winter Camp XXXVIII, an inventory of accumulated Winter Camp gear revealed 12 linear feet of Jell-O molds. While records are not carefully kept on this matter, this may hold the record for most Jell-O molds at a single camp.
Team Members
Contributor: Lana Lee
Inventory Reduction Specialist: Doug Wilson
Inventory Reduction Specialist: Steve Donohue
Goals in progress
No In Progress goals exist for this project
Goals Achieved
Inventory drastically reduced at Winter Camp XLII. (Complete)
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