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Polaris Access Road

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Polaris Access Road

Project Manager:K2
Start Date:2017-11-01
Target Date:2017-12-26
Keith and Michaela King created a road wide enough for a Polaris to access the CHR Memorial Site.
Team Members
Assistant Manager: Michaela King
Goals in progress
No In Progress goals exist for this project
Goals Achieved
Get those who can't walk the trail to the site. (Complete)
Tasks Completed
Scout the area for the possibliity of a road. Keith found a drainage which led to the site.K22017-08-012017-09-012017-08-15
Use a chainsaw and other tools to clear the road. This was cut short when Michaela was stung by a wasp.Michaela King2020-10-012020-10-312020-12-10
Tasks In progress

No tasks have been completed

Photo Gallery

After riding up to the site in the Polaris, the team digs up the time capsule.

Keith poses for a shot showing the Polaris and the Lime Lake sign shortly after the road is completed.