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Newton's Cradle/Swinging Wonder

Still a tradition despite being ruined hundreds of times since 1977

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Newton's Cradle/Swinging Wonder

Project Manager:Doug Wilson
Start Date:2016-12-26
Target Date:2016-12-27
At Winter Camp XL, the dining room was dominated on Day One by a giant Newton's Cradle made of five bowling balls suspended by ropes from the rafters. Doug Wilson led a team from the setup crew in constructing this larger-than-life version of the popular desktop toy. Such a large device was destined to interfere with full use of the room, and so it was dismantled early in the weekette.
Team Members
Contributor: Adam Haubenstricker
Contributor: Alan Wilson
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Goals Achieved
Hit someone not paying attention with a bowling ball. (Complete)
Tasks Completed
Suspend 5 bowling balls from the beams using rope.Doug Wilson2016-12-262016-12-262016-12-26
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