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The Attic

Project Manager:Paul Kupser
Start Date:1998-12-31
Target Date:2015-12-26
At Winter Camp XXII, the campers arrived to find the cabin had been seriously remodeled and the attic was more accessible from a high door in the dining area; we used a bunk bed to reach it.</p><P>We have since made many improvements to the safety, efficiency, and security of our storage.

Goals in progress
No In Progress goals exist for this project
Goals Achieved
Create a way to allow safe retrieval of our gear. (Complete)
Improve the quality of storage and the safety of those moving in the attic by installing flooring. (Complete)
Reduce the volume of gear which must be transported to and from camp each year. (Complete)
Secure our property against theft, damage, and misuse. (Complete)
Tasks Completed
Install floor boards in atticPaul Kupser2012-12-272012-12-272012-12-27
Create a locking mechanism for the door and lock our items between camps.Doug Wilson2013-09-012013-09-012013-09-01
Build a ladder for access to the attic.Doug Wilson2014-12-312015-12-262015-12-26
Tasks In progress

No tasks have been completed