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Creepy Clown Cookie Jar

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Creepy Clown Cookie Jar

Project Manager:Doug Wilson
Start Date:2014-09-30
Target Date:2014-12-27
The Winter Camp XXXVIII pre-planning meeting was held at D-A and coincided with Dave Morosky's garage sale as he prepared to retire and move to Vancouver, Washington. Several campers stopped into the sale after the meeting, and a white ceramic clown-head cookie jar was judged by all present to be a Winter Camp must-have.</p><P>All present, that is, except Kristie Donohue, who dubbed it the "Creepy Clown". When the jar arrived at camp, Lauren Wilson had enhanced the jar with paint in several bright colors. This did nothing to lessen its creepiness, according to Kristie.
Team Members
Painter: Lauren Wilson
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Kristie is freaked out at the sight of the clown. (Complete)
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