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Cone Foiler

Still a tradition despite being ruined hundreds of times since 1977

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Cone Foiler

Project Manager:Doug Wilson
Start Date:2014-12-27
Target Date:2014-12-29
It seemed like a fun and simple idea: to serve macaroni and cheese at Winter Camp XXXVIII in freshly-baked bread cones. The engineering required to get bread dough to hold a conical shape resulted in cardstock covered with aluminum foil as a mold and the coining of the name "cone foiler" as the description of the crucial job in their assembly. This spawned a new entry in "You Might Be A Winter Camper If...".
Team Members
Contributor: Kristie Donohue
Goals in progress
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Goals Achieved
Make the form for the cones. (Complete)
Wrap and bake the cones. (Complete)
Tasks Completed
Prepare the pretzel dough and wrap it.Doug Wilson2014-12-282014-12-282014-12-28
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