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Grey Area Goons/Goon World Order

Project Manager:Dave Milon
Start Date:1997-12-27
Target Date:1997-12-31
The Grey Area Goons was a name originally applied to Arrowmen between the ages of 18 and 21. 'Grey area' refers to the fact that such individuals are considered youth in the eyes of the Order of the Arrow, but adults as far as the rest of Scouting is concerned. The term has evolved over the years and is currently defined in The Goon Guide as &quot;An Arrowman over the age of 18 who fails to make contributions to Winter Camp commensurate with his perceived abilities&quot;. Wilson's Rules of Order provide a mechanism for goons to move on to adult status, but few members of this class seem interested in such a transition.<P>&quot;Goon World Order&quot; emerged as an alternate moniker at Winter Camp XXI, when members of the alliance decked themselves out in official gray GWO T-shirts. The Goons moved from their traditional home at Clearwater cabin to High Point for Winter Camp XXIV, but their influence began to wane after Winter Camp XXV.
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Contributor: John Howey
Contributor: Lou Pezet
Contributor: Mark Hunt
Contributor: Tim Hunt
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Create T-Shirts with the GWO slogan for all members.0000-00-000000-00-001997-12-31
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