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At Winter Camp VII, several Arrowmen undertook to write a Winter Camp Trivia Test computer program. Steve Donohue was responsible for the programming on the TRS-80, and a host of questions was contributed by Steve, Mark Bolllman-->, Steve Pejuan, and Doug Wilson. Later modifications to the TRS-80 version included incorporation of the Alpha Technologies voice synthesizer for Arrowmen with less than adequate reading skills. Its sometimes hilarious attempts to read questions included the famous "three-zero a.m. baking" line. The program faded to obscurity until Winter Camp XIV, when Mark--> updated it for the 1990's with a new version for IBM-compatible computers called the Winter Camp Trivia Challenge. Over 1700 multiple-choice and true-false questions are now included in its database. The program provides a variety of quiz options, including a special novice challenge, a "Greatest Hits" test, subject-specific tests, and tests based on Channel 120, Paradox Metaphor, After The Apocalypse, and Another Ten Seconds.
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