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Winter Camp XVIII was graced with a fine collection of poetry, produced by several Arrowmen. Steve Donohue was the most active poet, crafting a collection of short works on topics ranging from the general spirit of Winter Camp to some of its more hallowed traditions. He was joined by Jeff Rand and Mark Bolllman--> for the Winter Camp Epic Limerick Cycle, a collection of limericks commemorating highlights of each previous Winter Camp. Jeff chipped in further with a pair of more general Order of the Arrow verses. The Epic Limerick Cycle inspired a similar set of works created at camp, when Steve was joined by Joe Hall and John Howey in writing a limerick caricature of each 1994 Winter Camper. Joe's three-stanza ode to Steve's snoring in Clearwater was the first work to be written, but soon all campers found their names and personalities commemorated in print.
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