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Temporal Paradox

The most successful chapter event in the history of the Order of the Arrow

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Temporal Paradox

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Start Date:0000-00-00
Target Date:0000-00-00
Most of Winter Camp XXXIV took place under the umbrella of a time displacement which was triggered after the Behind Enemy Lines wide game and sent the camp back to December 27, 1910. Each successive day ticked off 25 years until the paradox was resolved on Day Four. In a brief encounter just prior to the Time Capsule Hike, Jeff Rand was prevented from placing pictures, allegedly from Winter Camp I, in the Winter Camp XXXIV 5-year time capsule. Josh Cicotte confronted the rogue Rand just as the capsule was being sealed, and a spirited sprint through the cabin led to a fire on the BC porch which consumed the pictures. This successfully resolved the temporal paradox and returned Winter Camp back to December 30, 2010.
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