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Poker Chips

Project Manager:Mark Bollman
Start Date:2006-06-01
Target Date:0000-00-00
Mark Bollman has sorted the chips at the conclusion of every Winter Camp Casino Night, beginning at Winter Camp II-and is projected also to do so at Winter Camp L. In 2006, he arranged for the manufacture of professional-weight casino chips bearing the Winter Camp logo, in red, blue, black, and green. Though Casino Night was not on the schedule at Winter Camp XXX, the chips saw their first use that year in Arrowman Bingo. In 2007, Mark added white and gold bordered chips, replicating the border colors of the Winter Camp patches. The new color in 2008 was gray, which corresponds to no patch. Additionally, red, blue, green, and black chips with 12 edge stripes rather than six were introduced, for a total of eleven chip designs. In response to a comment about the lack of a new color in 2009, pink chips were added in 2010, light blue chips in 2011, and purple chips in 2012.
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Tasks Completed
Logo chips created in red, blue, black, and green.Mark Bollman2006-12-272006-12-272006-12-27
Creation of white and gold bordered chipsMark Bollman2007-12-272007-12-272007-12-27
Gray logo chips are createdMark Bollman2008-12-272008-12-272008-12-27
Logo chips in red, blue, green, and black chips with 12 edge stripes are created.Mark Bollman2008-12-272008-12-272008-12-27
Logo chips in pink are createdMark Bollman2010-12-272010-12-272010-12-27
Logo chips in light blue are createdMark Bollman2011-12-272011-12-272011-12-27
Logo chips in purple are createdMark Bollman2012-12-272012-12-272012-12-27
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