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Project Manager:John Howey
Start Date:1983-01-01
Target Date:1983-12-27
The computer game Empire originally ran on the TRS-80, but was later ported over to IBM-compatible machines by John Howey. Arrowmen went nuts over this game from Winter Camps VI through X, playing at all hours and almost coming to blows over who got to play next. The object of Empire was to run a medieval kingdom. Players made decisions on how to feed their people and how much money to spend on commerce, industry, agriculture, and the military to increase earnings. Simultaneously, each player could attack the other players and gain land. When a player's acreage ran low, his resources would be destroyed and his serfs beaten and murdered. Finally, when a player lost all his land, he would be overrun, an event often accompanied by Winter Campers chanting "Over Run! Over Run!" Winter Camp modified Empire in a couple of ways, reprogramming the game to introduce a random turn order and introduce a note of randomness into the computer players' finances. (SD, JH)
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Add random factor to tax rate to remove the 0 tax rate goldrush. (Complete)
Create random turn order. (Complete)
Port BASIC code from TRS-80 to IBM PC (Complete)
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