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Pinball Machine

Project Manager:Ron Donohue
Start Date:2004-06-01
Target Date:0000-00-00
Ron Donohue is a pinball machine collector, and he and Doug Wilson combined their efforts to bring a working machine to camp at Winter Camps XXVIII, XXIX, XXXI, and XXXII. The Bally Freedom model was housed in the northeast corner of the Beaver Creek building on its first two appearances before moving to Clearwater in 2007, and has been a popular entertainment option throughout the four weekettes. It returned to Beaver Creek in 2008, but was left behind during the bugout when Winter Camp relocated to Trout Lake cabin in search of electricity. At Winter Camp XXVIII, 170 games were played on Day One, 223 on Day Two, 108 on Day Three, and 163 on Day Four. At 25 per game, these 664 games represented a total of $166 in foregone income. Plans are underway to commission a new Winter Camp-themed back glass for the machine.
Team Members
Repairs, Storage, and Transportation: Alan Wilson
Repairs, Storage, and Transportation: Doug Wilson
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