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Paul's Home Brew

Project Manager:Paul Kupser
Start Date:2000-01-01
Target Date:2001-12-31
Paul Kupser's assigned hobby for Winter Camp XXIII was silversmithing. He did not appear to report at camp, but returned at Winter Camp XXIV with the first fruits of his new self-selected hobby: soda brewing. His 12-gallon keg of home-brewed root beer enlivened that year's Casino Night events. Paul's brewing interest continued during 2001-a bottle of root beer was presented to each Arrowman in attendance at the November pre-planning meeting, and an array of beverages including grape soda, cream soda, and ginger ale was served during Winter Camp XXV. Additionally, Paul provided 48 bottles of root beer in souvenir bottles for the 162-Dish Banquet. Arrowmen were cautioned to open the bottles outside in case unusual pressure was released-several did, but the cork launches were generally unimpressive. At Winter Camp XXVI, Paul stocked the Winter Camp trading post with seven flavors of home-brewed pop: root beer, grape, lemonade, strawberry-kiwi, raspberry, ginger ale, and fruit punch. At Winter Camp XXVII, Paul provided all of the pop for camp, in a variety of flavors including Mountain Dew, cola, and root beer.
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