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Low Sun In Sky All Day Camp Book That Tells What Words Mean

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Low Sun In Sky All Day Camp Book That Tells What Words Mean

Project Manager:Jeff Rand
Start Date:1991-01-02
Target Date:2016-12-27
This book is an ongoing work which draws from the Winter Camp Adventure at Winter Camp X and its main character, Big Bro. The book is Big Bro's official dictionary of the acceptable English language-since the Adventure allowed Arrowmen to speak only in one-syllable words, that's all that will be found here.

Some of the definitions lose nothing in this restriction ("fife: a small flute with six to eight holes"), while others become convoluted almost beyond recognition ("box: a thing that is part square and holds things, most times it is made of soft changed wood"). Units of measurement are particularly tough to untangle ("dyne: a force that will cause a change in speed of a tenth of a tenth of the length scale used in most lands per one three point sixth of a tenth of a tenth of an hour per one three point sixth of a tenth of a tenth of an hour on a mass of one gram").

Jeff Rand adds one letter per year to this lexicon, and he displayed the "Z" chapter on schedule, during the Winter Camp XL planning meeting. At the Winter Camp XXXIV planning meeting, it was clear that Jeff was hard at work on the S's, as his interest in the word "sluice" was unusually strong, almost to the point of being disturbing. It should be noted that the version of Big Bro lurking in the Winter Camp electronic universe, while attempting to live by the standards of the game, does not seem to consult the book for his definitions. His very use of the phrase "Cold Time Camp" contradicts Jeff's favored phrasing.

Low Sun... was completed on time, for Winter Camp XL in 2016.

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