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El Mediodia

The most successful chapter event in the history of the Order of the Arrow

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El Mediodia

Project Manager:Doug Wilson
Start Date:2017-05-01
Target Date:0000-00-00
June 29 is the day when the next Winter Camp is first closer in time than the previous Winter Camp. Steve Donohue suggested in early 1999 that the date be commemorated with some sort of event, and Occasional Visitor's second official contribution to camp was the name. While no formal event was held, El Mediodia was and continues to be marked by special graphics on the Winter Camp Web page.</P><P>In 2009, several Winter Campers and friends of Winter Camp gathered on El Mediodia at the Beaver Creek building and shared pizza from Greg's Pizza as a salute to the holiday. Present for this celebration were Mark Bollman , Kristie Donohue, Paul Kupser, and Shaun Range , all of whom were serving on the Trail to Eagle staff and thus in camp already.</P><P>After several attempts to plan a formal El Mediodia event, Doug and Joy Wilson hosted a picnic at their Ann Arbor-area home on 8 July 2017. There were good friends, good food, and good times shared by all. 4 out of 6 of the Arrowmen who attended Winter Camp I were there, and total attendance was close to 30 including families. A badminton court hosted several games over the course of the afternoon, including a 3-on-3 game. The second party was held at the Wilsons' on 8 July 2018, and included chauffeured rides in a 1928 Model T driven by Alan Wilson. This car had been modified to include an aftermarket digital speedometer. 13 July 2019 was the date of the third party.
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Co-Host: Joy Wilson
Driver: Alan Wilson
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