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Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Blindfolds

Jeff Rand runs a reliable blindfold loan service for those who come to camp without one and need one for the Blind Hike. His blindfolds were constructed in 1974 and washed for the first time in early 1992. In 2002, a second washing led to their partial disintegration, and Kristie Donohue constructed new snowflake-fabric covers for them, preserving the original fabric which remained while at the same time strengthening the blindfolds for future Generations of Winter Campers.

Souvenir blindfolds were distributed at Winter Camp XL. They were designed and created by Nancy Rein with assistance from Ethan Rein.
Entry Created: 2014   Last Update: 02/03/2021

Blindfolds, Winter Camp XL
Blindfolds, Winter Camp XL
Blindfolds like this one were created for Winter Camp XL by Ethan Rein.

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