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Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Communications Hike

The idea of the Sound Hike from Winter Camp V was revived at Winter Camp XXXIX and turned into an outdoor question-and-answer game. The course covered an estimated 4000 feet, from the Trout Lake Shooting Sports range to Trout Lake cabin and back. 21 multiple-choice questions formed the event's challenge as they were called back and forth between campers stretched between the two endpoints; the answers were to be used to decode a secret message. Three questions were answered incorrectly, which killed the message. The first incorrect answer was given to "Which of these is a subcamp at CHR?"; no one at that point on the hike could come up with Lime Lake. In losing two cards, Ethan Rein became the first person to ruin Winter Camp XXXIX. The intended message was "DINOSAURS WILL RULE SOON". Campers somehow arrived at the alternate message "LOW SUN WILL RDE SOON".
Entry Created: 2020   Last Update: 01/01/2021

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