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Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Catch of the Day

A good sign that an exceptional meal has been served at camp is when the dining room goes nearly completely quiet, with conversation discontinued in the pursuit of chewing. This rare height was reached at Winter Camp XL by the Catch of the Day dinner.

Keith King engineered the smoked salmon that was the true highlight of dinner, which was smoked on the porch of the BC building during the Cricket game, with Dave Oakley assisting. Additional foodstuffs served with the fish were garlic Mashed Potatoes, whole kernel corn, Tossed Salad, and Apple Pie. The food was augmented by a collection of accumulated Condiments provided to Winter Camp by Mrs. Lynda Donohue.

Of particular note was that dinner was actually served early-10 minutes in advance of the published 6:00 WCST start time-because the fish was ready and would drop drastically in quality if left waiting out for too long.
Entry Created: 2020   Last Update: 01/13/2020

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