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Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Brontosaurus Burger Feast

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Winter Camp / Reference / Theguide / Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Brontosaurus Burger Feast

Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Brontosaurus Burger Feast

The term "Bronto Burgers" on the Winter Camp XXXIX menu may have raised expectations that were destined to be dashed. The logistical challenges involved in preparing burgers for 30-35 people on a cabin stove-especially one without middle burners-mean that Winter Camp's "No Hamburgers on the menu" tradition (page 74) is likely to continue for many years. With that in mind, the main dish for this dinner was "Deluxe Pork Rib Sandwiches", which were intended to integrate the Jurassic World theme by bringing to mind the scene in the closing credits of The Flintstones where a rack of purported brontosaurus ribs tips over a car. It is in this way that traditions are maintained while new ideas continue to thrive at Winter Camp.
Entry Created: 2020   Last Update: 01/01/2021

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