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Still a tradition despite being ruined hundreds of times since 1977

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Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Boodle Fight

The Boodle Fight, likened by some to a Caveman Lunch and described by Steve Donohue as a "full-contact buffet", kicked off Winter Camp XL with a nod to a Philippine meal tradition discovered and brought to Winter Camp by Jeff Rand. In the Philippines, a Boodle Fight occurs when foodstuffs are laid out on Banana leaves and diners are set free to fight their fellows for food. Banana leaves are scarce (at Winter Camp-friendly p Rice points) in North America in December, so the meal substituted sheets of plastic cut in shapes resembling leaves.

The menu was drawn from the Oakes Lunch, but with "weird noodles" and cheese replacing the traditional chicken noodle soup-which would have been hard to fight for. A number of unusual food combinations emerged from the battle, including donut and salami sandwiches and the creative use of Pasta as a donut hole filler. It was noted by some consumers that the Pasta to cheese ratio in the main course was perhaps too high, but many campers agreed that cleanup was very easy.
Entry Created: 2020   Last Update: 01/13/2020

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