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Adventures in Physical Science
A whole weekette devoted to science, both serious and weird
Al Capone
Campers take on the role of various prohibition era gangsters with each lead gangster having a crew of followers.
Ancient China
Winter Camp takes place in Ancient China which is to say a China that never really was. There would be activities tied to Chinese culture and movies. We'd eat Chinese food of course.
Area 51
Winter Campers explore the possibility of intelligent aliens coming to the Winter Camp universe.
Around the World in a Weekette
Winter Campers travel the world through an ever-changing schedule of meals and activities from Around the World.
Back in the Day
Hold activities that might have been held back in the day, i.e. recreate a range of things that the current old men did in their younger days.
Back to the Future
In honor of the BSA's 100th Anniversary, Winter Campers are propelled back in time to 1910 and the founding of Scouting. Each day they have period appropriate activities and meals, then the following morning they are twenty years (roughly) closer to the current times.
Do things backwards. Maybe one day stars with snack and ends with breakfast. Another day we could eat desserts first. There are many ways to be backwards, not just the order but we could also hold an activity, then prepare.
Winter Campers become barbarians like Conan or the barbarian brothers. They spend their week adventuring, killing dragons, and wasting all their money on idle pursuits and stupid vanity purchases.
Bid For Work
A scheme to make those who want the best things at camp earn them. Every task would require bidding and the low bidder would get the work.
Big Bro
We spend our time at camp in games which have names with one-part words. We speak in one-part words and we eat just foods with one-part names.
Bigger than Big and then Some
Everything is big. We do some new big activities and we upsize some of our existing things with bigger equipment, bigger areas, and bigger rulebooks.
A fun-filled day featuring the frozen frolicking, food, and fun that characterize the Great White North.
Well we have a lot of career minded people at Winter Camp so we could either have them talk about their various careers or better yet we could do some fun stuff from various careers (like fight a fire, or solve a mystery or something)
Castaway Day
No lights, no planes, no motor cars!
We undertake activities which would be historically popular in Celtic times.
Devote a day to things ceremonial -- training, talking and even building things needed to put on a good ceremony.
Channel Surfing
Winter Camp events and meals are based on things one could find while channel surfing on various tv networks.
we're all under the big top!
City Week
This would only work if we did different days again.....and would take quite a bit of research by the planning committee. One day could be Chicago day where we could play frozen tundra football, basketball and eat foods unique to the area. Another day could be New Orleans day where we have like a Mardi Gras thing going on and we could listen to cool jazz music and eat gumbo. New York day, we could play murder clue, have a "rude" lunch, New York style pizza. LA day, we could have a movie, and we could play impromptu games in small groups. And then Dallas Day where we'd eat southern food and do "cowboy" sort of activities. Or Reno day, where we eat buffet style, gamble and we could play a "whodunit robbery thing" (probably wouldn't be wise to do with the New York thing, unless people come up with stuff).
Classic Monsters
We devote the weekette to activities and events related to the classic Universal movie monsters: Frankenstein the Wolfman, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, and the Invisible Man.
Coin Toss
We'd have two things for each slot and would pick which one to do as late as we could by the toss of a coin.
Cold War
We recreate our own version of the Cold War with preparedness drills and espionage.
It's a plot I tell you, a plot!
Campers are divided into a number of teams which then identify as countries with names, flags, and other historical and cultural aspects.
Crime Families
Campers become members of families loosely based on the Italian mob as seen in movies and television. Crime families compete for control of Trash removal, Food delivery, Security. and Public works (service project)
Everyone spends the weekette as a crime boss or one of his captains.
Decade Days
Each day would depict a decade or two of the 20th century.
Defenders of the Earth
This event would allow us to have different disaster themes for each days. We could have zombies, asteroids, global warming, pandemic, giant monsters, whatever we wanted and Winter Campers could be asked to overcome them in different ways depending on the challenge.
Vote on everything all the time
Disabilities Awareness
Everyone gets an assigned disability; otherwise the program continues.
Election Season
We create three (or more) political parties each of which has a specific agenda to achieve and/or candidates to elect.
Fairy Tale
We hold a number of fairy tile inspired meals and activities.
Fiery Death
Everything is on fire! Activities: Meals: marshmallow roast, weenie roast, spicy foods, barbecue, roast something on a spit, from the ashes (cook on a fire from raze the village or something similar)
We replicate things from the tv show as best we can. Mostly this would probably be food-related since it would be hard to create animal appliances.
Forbidden Palace
Create an area where no one may enter
Frankenstein Event
Frankenstein is revealed to have been at camp.
Rule by the eldest
Gilligan's Island
Activities and meals based on the tv show plus primitive conditions, jury-rigged equipment, and some tropical treats.
The campers are probably organized into gladiator stables. A few people in each are trainers and owners, the rest are warriors.
Group Projects
Each group is assigned a project based on the camp theme.
Hawaii Five-O
Everyone wears Hawaiian shirts and flower lays. Could be a murder mystery game thrown in(Magnum PI). We have snowboarding (like surfing), play the limbo game, have a Hawaiian skirt dance hula contest, small BBQ of wild game foods for variety. Pineapple decorating contest - like Mr. Potato head parts.????just some zany thoughts.... WCXXX anniversary shirts would be welcome. "Oak".
High Society
A high falutin' good time to be had by all. Campers would dress their best and engage in activities traditionally associated with the rich.
History Day
Become your favorite historical figure
Hogwart's / Harry Potter
Each of the teams becomes their own new house at the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The create colors, a founder, a battle cry, and some special characteristics of their group.

We conduct magic adjacent activities. Teams will compete for points and may get points added or subtracted based on behavior of their members.
The weekette would be filled with traditional activities from various holidays.
We create out own movie studios with the goal of making our own movies.
We create (or modify) some activities based on the themes of classic and/or modern horror movies and comics.
Indian (Native American)
We form tribes and compete in a bunch of traditional Native American games and activities while also eating some appropriate meals
Indiana Jones
We take on the role of two-fisted action heroes seeking archeological treasures.
Jester School of Mischief
We work on skills for jesters including performance skills and pranks of all sorts
Joey Ramone Day
Every meal is a variation of pizza
Jurassic Park
We hold our own Jurassic Park style event with dinosaurs and disasters aplenty.
Life as a criminal
not sure....keep reading
Masked Wrestling is popular in Mexico. In the traditional model, they don't just wrestle, they also fight the good fight and stick up for underdogs.
The entire weekette is held masked, with everyone pretending not to realize who is inside the mask.
A return to the Dark Ages
Merit Badge
We pick and complete a bunch of fun merit badge requirements
The theme is the military past, present, and maybe future. We do things related to US military history and branches of the service.
The King is in charge
Monty Python
We hold a number of events and activities based on skits and movies by the British Comedy Troupe Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Moonlight Night
No electric lights for an evening
Movie Week
Either the whole week could be planned around a single movie or we could have different movies inspire each day.
Murder Mystery Camp
Have some parent Volunteers come to camp and start to disappear through out the weekend. Have the scouters hike in and suddenly 2 parents start an argument, have all the parents and scout leaders join in the fight making a circle so that they are out of view from the scouts. At that point someone will disappear from the camp. Make it realistic having the remaining adults and leaders have some blood on them. etc. Play the weekend with the youth receiving clues and having to solve the mystery.
Campers are split into groups and each group is assigned to a historical pantheon like Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. Throughout the week the pantheons share their culture while competing to prove who is the best.
Ocean's 38
This theme is inspired by heist movies like Ocean's 11 and the love of certain youth for wearing suits to Casino Night. The goal is to have a casino night heist where the youth try to break the bank. Along the way, there will be a variety of Vegas-inspired activities and meals as well as a few smaller heists.
Winter Campers organize into countries which then participate in a number of sporting events and other celebrations of their various countries and athletics in general.
Order of the Arrow World Tour
Discussion and training on the various committees, events and offices of our Order
Throwback to events and activities at Winter Camp I.
We spend our weekette aboard an imaginary pirate ship plunging the high seas, visiting ports of call, and looking for treasure!
Pirates of Brownsea Island
A group of pirates suffer a shipwreck and land on Brownsea Island where they are taken in by a group of Boy Scouts.
Pizza Palooza
We eat lost of pizza and we have a number of pizza related activities from Pizza Olympics to a Pizza Marathon.
Pizza Week!
The entire week is given over to pizza and pizza related activities.
Remote Control
The idea is to have activities and meals where there is some element of programmed or remote control in the event.
Remote Control/Artificial Intelligence/Robotics
The idea is to have activities and meals where there is some element of programmed or remote control in the event. The thing being controlled could be a person, machine, or robot.
A return to the Age of Enlightenment.
Each team adopts the manner of a famous revolutionary group like French, American, etc.
Basically, a camp to explore robotic themes, games and inventions.
Role Reversal Day
Youth are adults and adults are youth for a day.
The weekette is based on the culture of the ancient Roman empire.
We adopt elements and activities common to Russia (or at least the American view of Russia.
We wear kilts and generally engage in activities one would expect a bunch of Scotsmen to engage in. Sort of like+ Highlander, Brave Heart or Rob Roy
Scouting Around the World
Each day we would focus on a different country's scouting customs and various activities and foods that the scouts in this country would partake in. Also we could possibly get uniforms and patches from these countries and explain them or stuff.
Seeking Enlightenment
Stand on Bamboo
Wear seventies clothes and act in seventies style.
Shows you clearly your reflection
Seek enlightenment
Six Degrees of Dan Bollmans Birthday
Dan's birthday is March 3 (3/3) and it is usually 63 days after Mark-->'s birthday and always 63 days before Steve D's birthday. We can use 3's, doubles, and middles as part of things in the theme.
We commemorate the actions and history of the space program while undertaking some space activities of our own.
The entire weekette would be in honor of the Star Wars spoof, Spaceballs.
It's just so obvious
Spy vs. Spy
If you want this to be serious, look at Cold War. In this case the groups are spies and are sent to outsmart each other.
Star Trek: TNG
We pattern activities after people and events seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Sunday... Sunday... Sunday...
Every activity is related to racing (mostly auto racing, but other kinds of racing could, of course, be included, as could other auto-related events).
Survivor Winter Camp
We break up into tribes and compete in challenges. The challenges would of course be our activities. We could video tape the whole thing and send it to CBS and see what happens.
The Rock
We could have a variety of activities based on the movies of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock.
Thought of the Day
Each day there is a thought for the day, one which might teach us a thing, like Kant's rule or an old saw. Each one who comes to camp makes his own way to say that same thing and then a vote is held for the best ones.
Through the Ages
Winter Campers start as cavemen and progress through the weekette to modern times assuming they're able to successfully complete a number of challenging tasks.
Tom Clancy / Call of Duty
The idea is that a small team of operatives is able to successfully complete a variety of missions.
The theme of the week is that everyone is sent to the game grid and has to compete in various games and activities. Because it's based on Tron, we should have a vaguely computer-game like theme to some meals and activities.
We engage in activities traditionally associated with Vikings and Norse culture.
I personally think that we could make a whole week of Western. I have a good idea too. We could choose up fair teams and keep them all week. We could tally up points and at the end of the week, the winning team gets a free pop and candy bar from the trading post for every person on it. The catch, oh yeah, you knew there was a catch. The prizes are not redeemable until next year. An incentive to return if you ask me. If this is used, a back up plan may be needed in case competition gets out of control. Then, we do away with the competition and carry on as usual. Maybe, instead of having the people in charge of different days, they could be team captions. There should be a team captain and advisor on every team. There should be a GWO+DHTX (we are down to three members. This is final. We know that we will stay together. This way everyone one is in our troop too and we can make a DHTX patrol. Sorry, team. Wait, we have to think of fairness. Never mind. Teams would still be cool though. We could probably pick out teams. Benefits of teams-competition makes people actually put more effort into events. Ooh, idea for an event. A drop off blind hike. Different drop points and one common destination. Only one man can be unblindfolded to lead the team. Back to benefits-we can learn what special things people can do. Lets say for instance that I a picking people and I get "stuck" with some dorky kid that no one thinks has any talent. Then, we are doing something that no one on my team can do because I picked all strong guys thinking solely of Snow Soccer. Then, he tells me he knows how to do it and we all win pops and bars. He would feel really good about himself. Also, I think it should be all newbies that are the team captains. It will give them a feeling of acceptance and may spark a new leadership skill that they never realized they had. They will be able to handle it, because the adults always help out the new guys. One thing that we would have to make sure not to do is separate everything. We need to make bonds through everyone. This might be achieved by adding more free time so that everyone can get to know each other better. I hope I am not alone in my thoughts. I think teams would be a good idea. Oh yeah, a good example of competition working. That cake. It wasn't an unfriendly kind of competition though. Man, I wrote a lot. Oh yeah, we would have to have certain point system set up. For events where less teams are needed, they could combine. Points split up evenly.
Wild West
Winter Camp is converted to a wild and wooly frontier town in the Old West. Campers take on the roles of town leaders, outlaws, Indians and lawmen. No bankers, lawyers, or other scum allowed.
Winter Camp Retro Day/WC Classics
A day within the innovation of new themes which would take some of the classic Winter Camp events and fit them into a place on the schedule.
Winter Camp vs. the Web
We spend part of out time at Winter Camp engaging in activities to create content that might go viral.
Wisdom of the Buddha
Seek enlightenment by finding the Buddha nature.
Art and music and oddball people.
Basically the day is conceived, planned, and held entirely by the youth.

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