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Mccarthyism Risk Mitigation Worksheet

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Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 1:00pm
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Allen Park, MI

Winter Camp / Planning / Mccarthyism Risk Mitigation Worksheet

Mccarthyism Risk Mitigation Worksheet

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Description:Separate players by category and score points using an equation.
Program:Scouts BSA, Order of the Arrow
Adjusted Hazard:IIIE (Improbable, Marginal)
Mitigation Decision:Acceptable with Review
Prepared:2021-05-11 by Ethan Rein

Hazard Cause / EffectCorrective Actions
Hazard DescriptionCauseEffectInitial Risk RatingPossible Controlling MeasureClosing CommentsStatusFinal Risk
Minor Injury (sprain, bruising)Camper slips on wet floorCamper develops a condition which requires first aid or medical attention.IIICClean up spills promptly; spread table salt if necessary (for oil/grease issues). Put up signs when mopping floors. Sweep regularly.IIIE
Minor Injury (sprain, bruising)Camper trips over gear.Camper develops a condition which requires first aid or medical attention.IIICGear must be stored correctly and primarily on or under bunks and/or tables. Things should be put away promptly and securely.IIIE
Minor Injury (sprain, bruising)Camper bumps into table or cotsCamper develops a condition which requires first aid or medical attention.IIICLights on at night; not running inside the building.IIIE

Historical Context: This event was first held at Winter Camp XXXIV (in 2010). It was been held a total of 1 times without an incident.

Based on Location: I Timing: U Category: Game

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