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Hike (At Home) Details

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Submitted by:Steve D. on 12/14/2020
Held:Not Yet
Typical Duration:
Skills Required:Physical
Time Frame:Day
Work as:Group
Equipment Needs:Light
DescriptionTake a hike in your neighborhood or head out to a local hiking trail.

Hiking was the primary activity at Winter Camp I, held in 1977, and it's been on the schedule ever since. Winter Camp At Home is no different. If you live in the boundaries of the chapter, there are many great places to hike near home.

If you are looking for a chance to bump into some other hikers, please consider heading over to Maybury State Park (20145 Beck Rd, Northville, MI 48167). You can connect to the trail after parking in the lot off the 8 Mile Road entrance. The Michigan DNR website describes the Maybury trails this way:

The park has 6 miles of trail dedicated to hiking with portions marked with signage as an interpretive trail and a history trail. The hiking trail consists of several interconnecting loops leading from the parking areas through the wooded interior of the park and the grassland area northeast of the ballfield and traveling east to the pond. The trail stretches from one end of the park to the other, making it the perfect way to see the park on foot.

Please consider posting on the Discord letting everyone know where and when you'll be hiking!

Why is this something we want to do?Hiking is a fun and effective way to get some exercise.
Variations:None Submitted
Equipment List:None Submitted