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Thou Art A Bowyer Details

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Thursday, November 11, 2021 at Midnight

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Thou Art A Bowyer Details

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Submitted by:2013 planning meeting on 11/25/2014
Held:Not Yet
Typical Duration:360
Skills Required:Physical, Creative
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Individual
Equipment Needs:Average
DescriptionCampers make bows and arrows out of found materials.
BasicsParticipants use wood and strings to make their own bows and arrows, then we shoot them for accuracy and/or distance.
Why is this Fun?Making and shooting your own bow is a time-honored and fun activity.
Variations:None Submitted
Equipment List:None Submitted
Mitigated Risk:BAN (Details)
Reviewed Date:2021-05-11
Reviewer:Steve Donohue