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Snow Bowling Details

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Thursday, November 11, 2021 at Midnight

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Snow Bowling Details

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Submitted by:Traditional on 12/31/2005
Held:Not Yet
Typical Duration:
Skills Required:Physical
Time Frame:Day
Work as:Team
Equipment Needs:Light
DescriptionBowl with snowy balls and pins.
BasicsUmm geez...we bowl with pins and a bowling ball in the winter outside, on the ground.
Variations:We could do human snow bowling where teams will like fling or slide or a person will run and slide on their stomachs to knock doown the pins...we would need to do this on ice...but we can always make our own ice slick.
Equipment List:None Submitted
Mitigated Risk:IIIE (Details)
Reviewed Date:2021-05-11
Reviewer:Steve Donohue