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A traditionally unconventional part of Migisi Opawgan chapter since 1977

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Friday, December 24, 2021 at 10:00am
Sam's Club
Northline rd in Southgate.

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Begging Details

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Submitted by:Traditional on 12/31/2005
Held:Not Yet
Typical Duration:120
Skills Required:Social, Creative
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Individual
Equipment Needs:None
DescriptionWho can get a good meal?
BasicsTry to convince other units in camp to give you food, kind of like stone soup maybe.
Why is this something we want to do?It's challenging, particularly now where we're often the only unit in camp.
Variations:We could give a few tightwads in camp some food and make people beg them for it.
Equipment List:None Submitted
Mitigated Risk:IIIE (Details)
Reviewed Date:2021-06-15
Reviewer:Mark Bollman