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Area 51 RPG Details

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Submitted by:Traditional on 12/31/2005
Held:Not Yet
Typical Duration:180
Skills Required:Mental, Social
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Individual
Equipment Needs:Light
DescriptionPlayers are assigned to be aliens, skeptics, reporters, etc. and attempt to reveal or hide the truth as appropriate.
BasicsEach player takes on a hidden role in the ongoing debate about aliens. Not only are the players' roles secret from each other but there may be roles that are unknown to start.
Why is this Fun?Secretive role-playing games as a background to other activities have a long track record of success at Winter Camp.
Variations:None Submitted
Equipment List:None Submitted
Mitigated Risk:IIIE (Details)
Reviewed Date:2021-05-11
Reviewer:Mark Bollman