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Hobby Draw Details

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Submitted by:Traditional on 11/30/2001 or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Typical Duration:120
Skills Required:
Time Frame:Night
Work as:Individual
Equipment Needs:None
Description Learn a new hobby by next WC
BasicsThe Hobby Draw is pretty simple. Each member attending Winter Camp (or his designate) presents three potential new hobbies for himself, as well as a description of some potential benefits (either personal, professional, or Winter Campical). The assembled members then conduct a secret ballot to determine the new hobby. As a new twist, last year's hobby draw added a measurement to determine success at the new hobby. Look for that to be back, and start thinking about your new hobbies today.
Why is this Fun?Assigning a new hobby is entertaining and allows some social commentary.
Variations:None Submitted
Equipment List:Form
Mitigated Risk:IIIE (Details)
Reviewed Date:2021-05-04
Reviewer:Steve Donohue