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Two Games

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Submitted by:Traditional on or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Skills Required:Physical, Mental, Social
Time Frame:Night
Work as:Individual
Equipment Needs:Moderate
Basics:We play two games which are like, but not quite the same on the same field with four teams. Each team draws by lot which game it will play, but does not know who its foes are or what game the ones who aren't its foes have to play. It woudl be best if the games were close, so that it was not clear who was to do what. We could do this with our flag game, or with some sport, though I think the flag game would be more fun.
Variations:You could play the same game with both sets of teams. In this way, you could have each team have one team which could help it though they were from the wrong game. It would take more work to set up this way.
Equipment List:None Submitted