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Twice-told Tales

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Twice-told Tales

Submitted by:Traditional on or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Skills Required:Mental, Social
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Team
Equipment Needs:Light
Basics:The group is split in two teams. One from each team gets to read or watch a tale. He then gets some time to tell the tale to his team. The team then takes a quiz on the tale and the two teams try to score the most points on the quiz. The game could be played in rounds so that lots of folks got a chance to tell the tale, or it could be a bunch of small teams, but that would spoil the twice-told part. The key would be that the tale not be too well known, lest one team gain an edge.
Variations:The teams could have to act the tale for their foes, or each team could skip the quiz and have to act the tale based on what they were told was part of the tale.
Equipment List:None Submitted