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The Ode Game

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The Ode Game

Submitted by:Traditional on or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Skills Required:Mental
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Individual
Equipment Needs:Light
Basics:We had a book a few years back which had an ode for each one who came to camp. I think we should make that a thing we do each year. It would help to make things more clear in the mind in years to come.
Variations:The odes could be made by a group, or each could write his own, or each could write one for one who wrote one on him, or it could be a chain.There could be a prize for each kind of ode -- one that makes us laugh, one that is most true, one that is most smart, one that is best. We could have each write one on each, then vote to keep just one as his "true" ode, or let each one choose from those on him the one he would like to keep.
Equipment List:None Submitted