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The Mean Game

We were holding Winter Camp before any of the Star Wars movies sucked

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The Mean Game

Submitted by:Traditional on or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Skills Required:Physical, Mental, Social
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Group
Equipment Needs:Moderate
Basics:We put up a group of things that we want to know of each. We could have tests of all sorts, then take scores. Some would be things you do, like push ups, while some would be things you know, like math. When we are done we get all the scores and find the mean, then play a game where we guess who wrecks the curve, who is close to the mean and who is more or less than the mean.
Variations:We could each have our scores and not share them, then the next year we could do the same test to gauge our skills.
Equipment List:None Submitted