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The most successful chapter event in the history of the Order of the Arrow

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Make Ads

Submitted by:Traditional on or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Skills Required:Mental
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Team
Equipment Needs:Substantial
Basics:We could split the group and form teams, each of which would make a group of ads to say how good Cold Time Camp is. The ads of each team could be of the same style but in not the same form. They could be with a tag line, like "Got Milk?" or a phrase like it. The teams could vie to make the best set of ads which would then be used to make more folks come to Cold Time Camp XXIII.Each set of ads could have a code on them to say which team made them. When folks paid for Cold Time Camp XXIII they could say which of the ads most made them want to come.The ads would be in print, but there could be ads in all forms of ways to say things. We could have one with just art, one as a slide show, one on a tape which could be passed out with either art that moves & sound or just soundI think it would be best if each team had ads in more than one form so that we had lots of ads and could use more skills on each team. I think a good tag line would be good too. Our tag now is not bad, but it is not one which drives one to come to camp. We need one with more fire and more force to the words, then we could sell shirts and things with the tag line too.
Variations:None Submitted
Equipment List:None Submitted