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Fun with Words

Submitted by:Traditional on or sooner
Held:Not Yet
Skills Required:Mental
Time Frame:Unimportant
Work as:Group
Equipment Needs:None
Basics:This too is a new way for an old thought. The core of this thought is to have folks speak in a way that is not the way they do most of the time. The best known is "words of but one part", but there could be more, some of which I shall list in this post:Words with Thoughts - speak with no verbs; use thoughts in their place. Each phrase must call to mind a thing which you would want done, like in the Star Trek show. You do not say what you mean, you say that which will make the one you speak to feel the way you mean for them to feel. You would not say "Get dressed for the hike", you would say "A small boy lies on his back weighed down by that which keeps him warm" or a thing like that. It would be best if you could put a thought in the mind of those you speak with which is the same thought in your mind.Two most small parts of words - put the base ones in a box and each one must draw two. All words he speaks must start with one of those two parts. Do not put X, Q, Z or J in the box. (There might be more and it might be best to put one box of each type, so that you would get A, E, I, O or U and then one that is not A, E, I, O or U.The Beast's Art - each phrase you speak must use words of four small parts. No more, no less. This is named for the Beast's skill with four small word parts wordsThe "The" Game - Each time one says the word "THE", one must have "Cold Time Camp" next. Not "Get dressed for the hike" it would be "Get dressed for the Cold Time Camp Hike. It could be fun. It could be called the "Bat" game too, since there would be "Cold Time Camp" food, "Cold Time Camp" cars and lots of things all of which would have "Cold Time Camp" in front of them, just like things which have "Bat-" in front of them. This game is like one Jeff used to teach but it takes out the Beast words.
Variations:Each one who plays could pick their own rules. The fun would be in two parts -- first to try to stick to your rules, then to try to guess the rules used by those with whom you speak.
Equipment List:None Submitted