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Tightly Welded Link AwardThe Tightly Welded Link Award is open to any Order of the Arrow related site. All award images will be personalized for your site. A link back to our site would be appreciated, but is not required.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for our award. Please realize that while we will judge your site fairly and with the Scout Oath, Law, and Slogan in mind, it is possible that you won't qualify for the award you think you deserve. If you think you'll have difficulty accepting that, don't apply!

Our rules are pretty simple; we rate your site 1 - 5 in each category, then add up your points. Any site that scores 30 or more will receive the Tightly Welded Link Award.

CriteriaWeightMax PointsNotes
Information315As you can tell, we like our sites big and with lots of information; we want to get to know something about you and your unit by exploring your site.
Timeliness210If you have a calendar, make sure it's current.
General Usefulness210How much of what you have on your site could we use in our own units?
Spelling/Links/Etc.210This is the technology part in the award
Appearance/Theme15We're not the best artists in the world either but we can spot effort.


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If you click yes above, you'll see your tallies and perhaps some constructive criticism. Click No and we'll just give you your final score

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