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For your convenience, we've provided a list of other Scouting Web Awards. These are not offered by this site, they're just collected here.

We don't show the images here because we don't have permission to display them (many of these sites offer awards which we haven't applied for or whose criteria we didn't meet. Some of them offer multiple awards or multiple levels of the same award

Cub Pack 109 Cool Cub Sight
To the best of our knowledge this is the only award given to Cub Scout sights by a cub scout sight.

Scouting Award of Excellence
An award presented to those websites, commercial and personal, who present the best in overall design and present innovation and strong content related to Scouting.

Troop 29's Saluting Scouters Award
This award is given to those who provide a tremendous amount of scouting information on the web and a great deal of service too.

Troop 88's Scouting on the Web Award
This award is given to the sites who try their hardest to provide the public with good quality information about Scouting.

Excellence in Troop Web Sites Award
Offers three levels of award and evaluation by a three judge panel based on well-defined criteria

Troop 622's Best of the Web Award
The candidate site must provide a service to their Unit members and / or families, their communities, or Scouting as well as a usefulness to the Internet.

Scouting Quality For Excellent Web Design
Your site must be Scouting in nature, the navigation system must be easy to use and understand. Most graphics on your site must be original.

Internet Eagle Award For Excellent Scouting Content
This award is to be used by a site which provides a unique or superior resource to scouts. How you define resource or unique is up to you, but the intention of this award is to go to sites with excellent content

Flying Golden Eagle For Length of Service
To earn this award your site must have been, in its present form, online for at least one year.

Best Scout Site
If you feel that your site deserves some Scouting recognition this award is for you. Any site with Scouting content is a "Best Site" because it is sharing the spirit of Scouting. Any Scouting site can download and display this graphic

Silver Scouting Site Award
The Silver Scouting Site Award, or just Silver Award, is a prestigious award given to a Scouting site for remarkable excellence. Given is not the correct word; Scouting sites that have worked hard at developing their quality of content and web-design earn it. These sites, of unparalleled quality and design bearing the Silver Award on the front pages of their sites, know how special it is to receive this award. Below is a sample picture of what the award looks like.

Scouting the Web Award
To apply for the Scouting The Web Award, your web site must have a unique design, well laidout, and couple of pages, that are useful to Scouts and Scouters while enticing youth to join Scouting.

Baden Powell Award
For Scouting excellence on the world-wide-web

ScoutNet UK
To be recommended by ScoutNet UK your Web Site must have a Scouting or Scouting related content

Mic-O-Say Spirit on the Net Award
The purpose of the Mic-O-Say Spirit on the Net Award is to show the spirit of scouting on the internet.

811's Family of Scouting
Sites must be Scouting or Guiding oriented. Non Scouting must show same Ethics and Religious Morals and show duty to others. No Adult Sites

Ring of Scouting Award
Sites must have been "submitted" to "Ring of Scouting" Webring.

Troop 45's Scouting Award of Online Excellence
This Award is given to web sites that deserves recognition for upholding, and exemplifying, the Scouting ideals on the world wide web.

The Golden Eagle Award for Excellent Scouting Websites
Golden Eagle Award winners serve as examples to other scouting groups that may be considering developing their own web sites. The winners provide informative content with a high level of excellence and professionalism.

The First Thorold Brownie Award!
Site must be about Guiding/Scouting and free of adult content

Bravo Award
There is now an Award any site related to Girl Guides/Girl Scouts may earn

If you know of a Scouting Web Award that we don't show here, please email us with the name and url of the award. We are most interested in Scouting Awards, but are considering adding Scout-friendly awards too

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