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Participants Participate!

Congratulations to Gwen P, Connor J, Annabelle B and Michael B., all of whom earned the Participation Award during Winter Camp XLV. Thanks to Gwen and Annabelle, 100% of female scouts who've spent more than one night at Winter Camp have earned the award. Looks like the boys might have some work to do.
Submitted by Steve D.

Chris is our newest Eagle Candidate

Sockless passed his Eagle Board of Review tonight (January 4, 2022). Congratulations!
Submitted by Steve D.

Congratulations Gavin!

Our kitchen leader Gavin passed his Eagle Board of Review tonight (December 21), making him Migisi Opawgan chapter's newest Eagle Scout.
Welcome to your new volleyball team!
Submitted by Steve D.

Winter Campers Seal Membership!

Congratulations to Winter Campers Gavin B, Gwen P, Joshua P, and Valerie P who all sealed their membership by becoming Brotherhood members on Dec 4, 2021.
Submitted by Steve D.

Mark Bollman's New Book

Mark has a new book and it's available for pre-order via Amazon in Kindle, Paperpack, and Hardcover.

The title, Mathematics of The Big Four Casino Table Games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, & Roulette, pretty much tells you what you'll find inside. This is Mark's 4th non-fiction book.

Congratulations Mark!
Submitted by Steve Donohue

Robert Fountain Engaged!

Robert Fountain attended Winter Camp in 2007 and 2008. Today he announced his engagment to Miss Laura Zavala. Robert is probably best known to current Winter Campers as the older brother of Matt Grimble and younger brother of Andrew Fountain.
The happy couple!
Submitted by Steve Donohue

Judo Champion!

Today, Winter Camper, Eagle Scout, and former Cole staffer Jonathon Semetko took home gold in the Veteranís Heavyweight Division at the National Judo Championship.
Jonathon currently works as a special education teacher in Logan, Utah. Those who remember his efforts in Battle Chess are probably not surprised to hear this.
Congratulations Jonathon!
Jonathon poses with his medal.
Submitted by Steve Donohue

Engagement Announced

Today (May 15, 2021) Nicholas Caruana become engaged to the lovely Miss Ann Quinlan.
Congratulations Nick!
The Happy Couple
Submitted by Steve Donohue

Donohue Released!

Steve Donohue recently had a heart cath following a bad stress test back in December. Doctors found nothing new to treat and Steve was released the same day. Later that day, he was hard at work on
Submitted by Anonymous

K2 Lands New Job!

After some searching, our own Keith "'K2" King has landed a new position with Lear starting February 8.

The best news for us, apart from a happier Keith, is that his new job shuts down just before Christmas and doesn't pick up until the New Year, meaning he has the world's most important weekette off.
Submitted by Steve D.