Winter Camp Poetry begin in 1994, during the preparation for Winter Camp XVIII. Mark Bollman-->, Steve Donohue and Jeff Rand were talking on Thanksgiving day and came to the conclusion that there should be some poems about Winter Camp.

That very night they wrote the first twenty limericks of the epic limerick cycle. By the end of Winter Camp XVIII, Winter Camp and the Order of the Arrow was the subject of more than fifty poems. Since then, the pace has slackened with only the Cycle being extended and a handful of haiku being written in the ensuing years

The Epic Limerick Cycle
One limerick for each Winter Camp discussing some of its chief happenings
Rand-om Thoughts
Poetry about some of the most important concepts of Winter Camp and our Brotherhood
A collection of poems about the various traditions and activities that make Winter Camp come alive
Mostly limericks; one about each person who came to Winter Camp XVIII
The beginnings of Steve's hobby, along with a few other works
New Releases
A selection of new poetry, all by Mark Bollman-->
More New Releases - last update:
Technically, it's just one new poem, but who asked you?
Another New Release - last update:
Rob Hartwig missed Winter Camp XXVIII but he did complete his hobby.

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