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Winter Camp Leader's Guide



Task Template - this is the default list of tasks and deadlins for Winter Camp

Template Check - Just timing and titles.

XLV Checklist - this is the 2021 list of tasks.


Executing Winter Camp
The definitive guide on how to successfully run Winter Camp from December 27-31.
Ins and Outs of Winter Camp
How to get things done on set-up and take-down days at Winter Camp.
Kitchen Manual
A book on how to be a cook at Winter Camp and the expectations of the crew. It includes information on how to use forms from the Meals database as well as some basic cooking and measuring advice.
Meals Manual
A treatise on successful meal planning and use of the Winter Camp Meals database.
Program Manual
A guide for creating a theme and schedule for Winter Camp as well as thoughts on successful activities and meals.
Winter Camp Leader's Guide
A list of key tasks for planning a successful Winter Camp.


Clean Up Assignment Template
Document used to create clean up assignments for Winter Camp.
Final Planning Meeting Agenda Template
Typical Agenda for the final planning meeting.
First Planning Meeting Sample Agenda
Sample agenda for the initial planning meeting.
Orientation Agenda Template
Sample agenda for orientation meeting at day 1 of Winter camp.
Set Up Assignment Template
Set up assignment templates for Winter Camp Set-up Day