Winter Camp XXXVIII - 2014


Leader:Ian McKeeverKristie Donohue
Activities/Program:Corey SanbornMike Osvath
Kitchen:Tim KasprzakSteve Donohue
Newsletter:VacantMark Bollman
Scout's Own:VacantEthan Rein
Participation Award:VacantEthan Rein


This year's theme is Ocean's 38! The youth are planning the big heist in Winter Camp history. Will the Winter Camp Casino survive?

Cost this year will be the same as last year $45.45 for youth and $51.51 for adults

The final planning meeting will be held on November 28 at 1:00 pm at 2042 Markese Ave in Lincoln Park.


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On Friday, 03-Feb-2017 01:40:14 EST, A said

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2014 09:32:12 EST, Steve said
We had 8 for shopping and 10 for Wendy's. Things went pretty well.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2014 23:22:43 EST, Mark--> said
I will not be joining you for shopping.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2014 12:33:02 EST, K2 said
Michaela and I are planning on attending shopping. She is looking forward to her annual frosty.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2014 11:52:44 EST, Jeff said

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2014 09:34:32 EST, Steve Donohue said
Shopping will convene at 10:00 am tomorrow (Wednesday) the 24th at Sam's Club on Northline in Southgate. We'll then proceed to Taylor Meijer and finally Wendy's.

It would be nice to know who is planning to come with us.

On Monday, 22-Dec-2014 23:55:44 EST, Steve said
Timmy is now paid.

On Monday, 22-Dec-2014 01:50:09 EST, tim kasprzak said
So I got a earlier flight home can I come up the 26th with my grandfather to help set up ?

On Sunday, 21-Dec-2014 23:46:44 EST, Steve said
Big gains tonight. Here's our current list:

Alex Downie
Chris Downie
Ben Green
Adam Haubenstreicher
Christopher Kirshcke
Steven Lardin
Brian Maghran
Gran Maxfield
Ian McKeever
Robert Miller
Ben Osvath
David Sheridan
Nick Weathers
Alan Wilson
Mark Bollman
Gabe Church
Kristie Donohue
Steve Donohue
Roger Horn
Dave Oakley
Mike Osvath
Jeff Rand
Ethan Rein
Doug Wilson

On Sunday, 21-Dec-2014 21:23:16 EST, Steve said
Steven Lardin, not Curtiss.

On Sunday, 21-Dec-2014 21:01:58 EST, Steve said
Here;s the current roster, youth first.

Steven Curtiss?
Ben Green
Adam Haubenstreicher
Christopher Kirshcke
Brian Maghran
Gran Maxfield
Ian McKeever
Ben Osvath
Nick Weathers
Alan Wilson
Mark Bollman
Gabe Church
Kristie Donohue
Steve Donohue
Roger Horn
Dave Oakley
Mike Osvath
Jeff Rand
Ethan Rein
Doug Wilson

On Saturday, 20-Dec-2014 16:45:18 EST, Steve said
Corrected info.

Steven Curtiss?
Christopher Kirshcke
Brian Maghran
Gran Maxfield
Ian McKeever
Ben Osvath
Nick Weathers
Alan Wilson

Mark Bollman
Kristie Donohue
Steve Donohue
Roger Horn
Dave Oakley
Mike Osvath
Ethan Rein
Doug Wilson
Jeff Rand

On Saturday, 20-Dec-2014 08:00:02 EST, Steve said
Here's the roster as it sits right now; it's youth first. There are 10 youth and 10 adults paid.

If you think you've paid and I don't have you here, then please write me at the email above or call or text at 313-919-0106

Steven The chapter Secretary (I'd love to hear his real last name which Corey gave me and I can't find).
Christopher Kirshcke
Brian Maghran
Gran Maxfield
Ian McKeever
Ben Osvath
Nick Weathers
Alan Wilson

Mark Bollman
Kristie Donohue
Steve Donohue
Roger Horn (part-time)
Dave Oakley (part-time)
Mike Osvath
Ethan Rein (part-time)
Doug Wilson

Dave Milon and John Howey are hoping to invade for a day or two as is Keith King.

On Thursday, 18-Dec-2014 14:24:56 EST, Ethan said
I think I've got everything together for the spelling contest. I can turn over what I have to a youth if there's one who wants to run the event.

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2014 15:25:48 EST, timothy kasprzak said
We should make a randstew pot pie

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2014 02:40:30 EST, timothy kasprzak said
Ill be up saturday or sunday after christmas for sure

On Sunday, 14-Dec-2014 22:29:10 EST, Steve said
I have rope for the 38th parallel and twine for the string maze.

On Sunday, 14-Dec-2014 15:38:03 EST, Ethan said
For casino making, I've also go cardboard. I can bring tape to aid in the construction.

I'll perform at the stage show. I'll also volunteer to advise a youth coordinator for it.

On Sunday, 14-Dec-2014 13:15:03 EST, Steve said
Activity Questions
38th Parallel Wargame - Who is designing this? Do wee need anything beyond a few hundred feet of rope suitable for lashing?

CC Triathlon. We have bowling balls and golf clubs at camp. Kristie and I can bring playground balld. Do we need golf balls? Anything else?

Casino Building - Kristie and I are saving cardboard boxes. Do we need paint or something else?

Cavemen vs. Cassino. Do we need smokeless, nichrome and appropriate batteries and wire?

Ocean's 11. I have the movie, do we have a projector?

String Maze - I'll pick up some twine when I get ropo. Do we need anything else?

Snow Soccer - we have a ball.

Stage Show - Who is going to perform? Is there a director? Will there be auditions at camp?

On Sunday, 14-Dec-2014 10:01:04 EST, Steve said
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes well. When will you know?

On Saturday, 13-Dec-2014 15:58:50 EST, timothy kasprzak said
Due to family emergency I might not make it winter camp this year

On Wednesday, 10-Dec-2014 08:56:43 EST, Ethan said
I was thinking we'll have some people returning for their second camp who won't know their way around the BC kitchen. Thus, we might need a more thorough orientation type meeting than usual. Also, as I won't be there on the 27th, feel free to sign me up for any meals from Dinner on the 28th onward.

On Thursday, 04-Dec-2014 23:14:02 EST, Steve said
Many Winter Campers at the chapter meeting today including Ethan Rein. Every youth in attendance is planning to go. Sadly, that number was like 9.

On Thursday, 04-Dec-2014 14:06:49 EST, Steve said
The meeting is at 20305 Old Colony Rd in Dearborn Heights. They've asked that everyone bring some cookies to pass, enough for 10-12 people.

That appears to be someone's house based on google street view.

On Thursday, 04-Dec-2014 10:15:45 EST, Ethan said
I heard from Steve that the meeting starts at 7.30 with the gathering starting at 7.00.

On Thursday, 04-Dec-2014 08:33:41 EST, Ethan said
Does anyone know what the chapter meeting starts tonight? I hear it's at Garden City Masonic Temple. It's not on Noquet calendar.

On Wednesday, 03-Dec-2014 15:37:57 EST, TIMOTHY said
my grandfather says he has a lockpick set some where he says. i know how to make a set from paperclips and my mom might be buying a set cause she joined a lockpick club of somesort

On Monday, 01-Dec-2014 15:35:57 EST, Ethan said
As far as meeting during a meal goes, we could agree to get up for the Continental breakfast on 12/30 and talk then. We could also find some time to talk after lunch that day, which is the Market Game with food lunch. Another not-too-late option might be to have the meeting during the movie on 12/29.

On Monday, 01-Dec-2014 13:39:13 EST, K2 said
Also, I've asked my dad to see if he can make a rhombohedron on his 3d printer.

On Monday, 01-Dec-2014 13:33:15 EST, K2 said
I've got a couple of puzzles made on a 3d printer by my dad to put into the time capsule.

One of them could hold a cylinder approximately 1/2" in diameter and about 2" long. It could have something put inside of it.

On Monday, 01-Dec-2014 13:19:00 EST, Steve said
I'd love to see us figure out a way to have that meeting earlier in the day somehow (not worried about which day). Maybe we could all sit together for a meal or something and discuss things. With the typical late night meeting I think people aren't at their best and we're setting ourselves up for trouble the next day.

On Monday, 01-Dec-2014 13:02:18 EST, Ethan said
Any objections to planning the WCFS meeting for Tuesday, December 30? I guess it would take place in BC following the Time Capsule events.

On Friday, 28-Nov-2014 10:09:07 EST, Jeff said
In the actual DMZ there is a competition regarding who can build the highest flagpole. That might work at Winter Camp.

On Wednesday, 26-Nov-2014 09:20:05 EST, Ethan said
I like Kieth's idea. We might be able to bring the idea of the DMZ into the "break the balloons from across the creek" game. Also, we could have some kind of indoor diplomacy game where two parties represent the too Koreas and negotiate over something. The latter could be a a Model UN sort of thing.

On Monday, 24-Nov-2014 20:38:27 EST, Steve said
I don't think we want to do nothing but the theme.

On Monday, 24-Nov-2014 11:25:29 EST, K2 said
I thought we could introduce some Korean dishes into the menu since this year is the same # as the parallel separating North / South Korea.

To play on that could also have opposing factions of Soviet / US teams in some kind of event. Not sure how that would tie into an Oceans 38 theme but thought I'd throw it out there.

On Friday, 14-Nov-2014 13:37:11 EST, K2 said
I saw these on an advertisement and thought they'd be fun to use for an HDA:

On Tuesday, 11-Nov-2014 19:28:27 EST, Steve said
I'm not normally a fan of The Big Bang Theory but my wife is. That's how I learned about "Secret agent super obstacle lunch". They used lasers and yuu couldn't break the beam. They sprayed them to be able to see them. Not sure how practical it would be, but it seems like it could be fun.

On Friday, 31-Oct-2014 14:42:34 EDT, Steve said
I'm sure he has it. We can probably make plans at the planning meeting to try to get it to camp. I think space has been the issue in the past.

On Tuesday, 28-Oct-2014 11:48:38 EDT, Ethan said
Does Doug have the pinball machine? I think it would be fun to have it. I realize that's a lot to ask, transport-wise. I think it's been a few years since we had it at Winter Camp.

On Wednesday, 22-Oct-2014 12:15:46 EDT, Steve said
Another bit of possibly interesting news. They may have cancelled Cub Winter Camp which would mean the whole ranch would be open to us.

On Saturday, 18-Oct-2014 17:22:59 EDT, Kristie said
This just in, Steve is up at the Ranch and ran into Jack. Our service project for WC. We'll be painting the ceiling at the shop. Pack your painting clothes!

On Thursday, 16-Oct-2014 16:55:04 EDT, Ethan said
Breaking a safe game sounds good. Does anyone have lock picking tools? Maybe Doug? I imagine we could have a good time with those.

On Thursday, 16-Oct-2014 10:22:40 EDT, steve said
I was thinking today that maybe we could have a "break the safe" game. We could build a door frame or just attach a dial to an existing door. Run some HDA to get the digits of the combination or team could try to just crack the combination.

On Monday, 13-Oct-2014 15:05:14 EDT, Ethan said
Looking at the past schedules, I think the last time we played Snow Soccer was 2010 (XXXIV). That's probably due for another round.

On Monday, 13-Oct-2014 14:53:01 EDT, Ethan said
A non-themed idea is to have a basic scout skills contest. I'm thinking it would be based on the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements. It could be a relay format with two or three teams. If I drew up the rules, I think I'd focus on knots, first aid, and wildlife identification, which are easy to test. I suppose this could be an indoor or outdoor activity, but I'm thinking of it as an outside event. Perhaps and HDA even. I'll bring some specific ideas to the meeting.

On Sunday, 12-Oct-2014 11:39:01 EDT, Steve said
So yeah, pretty focused on the Casino so far. What about other things we could do?

I have an AR Drone and was thinking maybe we could use it for a thematic activity where you fly it to either follow a person or maybe recon an area of the casino. It could be kind of like the Kim's game that Ethan suggested -- a field with stuff and you fly the drone there then use the downward camera to get a look at the area.

Maybe we could have a look-alike contest where we pick out which celebrity each camper most looks like -- it could be teams with Mark--> (aka Zach) as the judge of which look alike is more fitting (ie, my team says I look like Clooney, the other team says Bruce Villanche, Mark correctly says they win).

any other new ideas for themed or non-themed activities?

On Monday, 06-Oct-2014 13:57:07 EDT, Steve said
We have permission to use the Trout Lake building on the 30th if we want to.

I also heard today that Jack is now the head ranger at D-bar-A.

On Sunday, 05-Oct-2014 11:16:06 EDT, Steve said
I thought about the main lodge, but I think it would be too big.

On Sunday, 05-Oct-2014 11:12:18 EDT, Steve said
So I'm thinking that maybe for the casino night we'll see if we can borrow the Trout Lake building for the evening. it would give us more space for Casino Night.

I'd also like to suggest that we allow it a little more time than usual and maybe consider a light dinner followed by some kind of buffet at the casino.

I also think it would be cool if all the adults wore red shirts for the evening to make it look a bit like uniforms.

On Friday, 26-Sep-2014 21:51:06 EDT, Steve said
The registration form and the 2 flyers are above. I think the prettier flyer is nicer, but it might be more difficult to copy.

As of today, we have two youth paid.

On Thursday, 25-Sep-2014 20:54:18 EDT, Corey Curtiss said
I'll be at all events and chapter meeting leading up to Winter Camp, please feel free to send me stuff to hand out. I can print out multiple copies sorry, if I would ha e thought of it, I would have asked before Cole. My brother Steven is the Chapter Secretary, he can send out stuff too (and he's attending)

On Thursday, 18-Sep-2014 07:32:29 EDT, Kristie said
21 is the age for adult. I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable with you behind the wheel, but 18 is the magic number for WC.

On Wednesday, 17-Sep-2014 20:42:36 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
also at what age can i drive myself ?

On Wednesday, 17-Sep-2014 20:38:20 EDT, timothy said
what is the age for adult ?

On Wednesday, 10-Sep-2014 22:12:52 EDT, said
I think part of the key will be to identify upfront where the bonuses are so people can make informed choices.

On Tuesday, 09-Sep-2014 12:45:47 EDT, Ethan said
Having cards for pre-camp activities sounds good to me. We might also consider having some cards be given to leaders of events of cooks for difficult meals.

On Tuesday, 09-Sep-2014 10:12:24 EDT, Steve said
I should have the minutes and a flyer posted later tonight.

Can we arrange for someone who is going to the Cole Ordeal to take some flyers and permission slips?

One of the ideas coming out of the meeting was to have youth earn cards to use special powers at the Casino. What does anyone think of having cards for some pre-camp activities like shopping and the planning meeting?

On Saturday, 06-Sep-2014 11:15:56 EDT, Steve said
I picked up a hasp and a lock. I thought it was cool that it's a self-setting lock with letters and numbers. I figured "WCF(S)" would be our combination. Unfortunately, we have 0-9, A D E H J L N R S and T to work with.

Suggestions will be welcome tomorrow. I plan to bring a screwgun and a level to help attach everything.

On Thursday, 04-Sep-2014 11:10:44 EDT, Steve said
More thought about a card resolution to Oceans 38.

Maybe there'd be a lot of "normal" cards, just ranked 1 to 10 or whatever, with a few special cards that could be played.

Surprise Ally lets you win a fight you just lost.
Blackmail lets you take a card or two from your opponent (at random)

Femme Fatale lets you take your opponents highest ranked card.

Proper Planning lets you cancel any other special card.

Surveillance Footage lets you look at your opponents top 3 or 4 cards and put them in a new order.

I'm sure there could be more ideas. I think I'll watch the movies as homework :)

On Tuesday, 02-Sep-2014 21:11:04 EDT, K2 said
I'll be there!

On Monday, 01-Sep-2014 18:16:29 EDT, Ethan said
I'll be there! I'll be providing my own transportation.

On Thursday, 28-Aug-2014 14:49:29 EDT, Steve said
So who else is coming on Saturday the 7th?

If you want to come but need a ride, post it here and we'll see what we can work out. I'd be pretty happy if we had so many youth that Kristie and I both had to drive.

On Friday, 22-Aug-2014 19:27:03 EDT, Steve said
What if the resolution to the big Oceans 38 heist was a game kind of like war?

All week, people do things and they earn cards. As the big heist comes down, Ian has his team. They get cards and so do their opponents. The cards are dealt on the spot. Maybe it's a regular deck, maybe it's something with custom pictures. Either way, the cards are ranked. I show one, you show one (at random, like war), one of us wins and keeps both cards. if I run out of cards, someone else on my team jumps in. If I lose a round, someone else on my team jumps in (so people aren't doing nothing).

Eventually one team will be out of cards. When that happens, they keep what they've got and we count up which team has more cards to see if the heist is successful.

On Monday, 21-Jul-2014 23:36:40 EDT, Ian said
If we do the Oceans 38 theme, I think it would be cool if like in Oceans 11 how he chooses his team, throughout the week I choose a few people to help with the big heist and have them not tell anyone, and through the week we build it up so the campers think they know whos going to pull the big heist but then its revealed that it was someone completely different

On Saturday, 12-Jul-2014 08:35:55 EDT, Steve said
I think it might be cool if we at least made a day trip to D-bar-A to go through our stuff in the attic. Maybe we could do both on the same day.

On Wednesday, 09-Jul-2014 12:47:10 EDT, Ethan said
There was some talk here a while back about an early planning meeting in August. For what it's worth, I'd be free in the afternoons of July 20 and 27 and August 3 and 24 (Sundays) or most weeknights after 6 pm.

On Saturday, 28-Jun-2014 12:45:27 EDT, Steve said
hey, remember when we had the big dance number a few years ago? It dawned on me today that we could use the drone to get an overhead shot if we did it again...

On Wednesday, 11-Jun-2014 08:48:11 EDT, Ethan said
Sounds like we're off to a good start! It will be exciting to have a bunch of new potential Winter Campers.

On Monday, 09-Jun-2014 10:32:58 EDT, Steve said
So I've heard two results: the new chapter is Migisi Opawgan and the new chief is Ben Green.

On Monday, 02-Jun-2014 09:29:43 EDT, Ethan said
Details came out about the June 6 picnic in an email today: Calling all Wsigau and Mahican OA Members and Ordeal Candidates yet to be. Please join us this coming Friday evening June 6th at 6pm for a fun filled evening of BBQ, Games and OA Activities. This is our First Meeting to begin the Formation process of our new Chapter. I ask that all current and former members of the OA attend and bring as many youth with you that you can to this event so we can start this new chapter off on the right path.

The picnic will be at Parkland Park in Dearborn Heights. It's located at Parkland St, Dearborn Heights, MI.

Please RSVP to MAHICAN@COMCAST.NET with the number of scouts and scouters you are bringing so we can plan to have enough food for the event.

The youth from both chapters have put a lot of effort into this event so, I look forward to seeing all of you there!

Yours in Scouting,
Ken McCormick
Philipp R. Emma

On Friday, 23-May-2014 14:45:09 EDT, Steve said
I was at the chapter meeting last night and it was reaffirmed that the Mahican youth want Winter Camp to continue. There's a chapter cookout scheduled for June 6 which will be the place where the youth will select a new name and a new set of officers. Also, there will be food.

On Thursday, 22-May-2014 10:44:06 EDT, Ethan said

On Thursday, 22-May-2014 08:26:20 EDT, Corey Sanborn said
there will still be a winter camp right

On Tuesday, 20-May-2014 15:28:50 EDT, Steve said
Arduino bots?

On Monday, 19-May-2014 10:37:08 EDT, Steve said
I've heard some meetings have been held and that one of the names being considered is Migisi Opawgan.

On Monday, 19-May-2014 03:43:51 EDT, Ethan said
I'd be interest to know when such a meeting takes place. I suppose it may have at the Ordeal this weekend. A bigger chapter means more scouts will be able enjoy Winter Camp's awesomeness

On Friday, 16-May-2014 10:19:57 EDT, Steve said
I think there's supposed to be a meeting soon (if it hasn't happened already) to discuss names and officers.

Anyone have the details?

On Tuesday, 06-May-2014 12:50:39 EDT, K2 said

On Monday, 05-May-2014 18:31:47 EDT, Steve said
I spoke with Phil Emma the chapter adviser. He said he was in favor of the change. He felt the chapter wasn't really meeting their objectives and was hopeful that the merger would make that happen.

On Monday, 05-May-2014 09:02:18 EDT, Ethan said
Looks like the Chapter is combining with Wsigau. This was mentioned in the Lodge's online newsletter and the website. Here's a link to more information:

On Sunday, 04-May-2014 17:16:25 EDT, Ian said
I think that viking theme would be cool, I also have two more theme ideas the winter camp olympics, and a oceans 38 winter camp

On Wednesday, 30-Apr-2014 12:53:23 EDT, Steve said
Anyone have any theme ideas? After my lefse and norwegian meatball experience, I'm kind of thinking about Vikings as a theme.

Maybe we could do a "What if a viking ship showed up now?" kind of thing, with some vikings in the modern world kind of activities.

On Monday, 28-Apr-2014 15:15:27 EDT, Steve said
On our recent road trip, Kristie and I had lefse, which is kind of like a crepe and sour cream pie. Both were pretty tasty and might be fun to add to a meal at Winter Camp.

On Wednesday, 02-Apr-2014 20:10:53 EDT, Steve said
I've had the drone out for a couple more flights. I think it will make a fun addition to some activity at Winter Camp. The range is only about 150 ft though so it may have some limits.

On Saturday, 22-Mar-2014 12:36:44 EDT, Steve said
Took my AR Drone 2.0 out for a flight today. It was fun but confusing as heck to fly. I'm sure it will get better.

On Friday, 14-Mar-2014 09:50:53 EDT, Steve said
Hey Keith, I think today's Woo has your name all over it.

I already ordered one.

On Friday, 07-Mar-2014 17:17:26 EST, Ethan said
I would likely be available for a an evening meeting on a weekday or a daytime meeting on a weekend.

On Monday, 03-Mar-2014 15:48:10 EST, Steve said
You should work with your adviser and tell us when the meeting will be :)

On Monday, 03-Mar-2014 15:39:16 EST, Ian said
Just let me know when the meeting will be so I can plan ahead

On Sunday, 02-Mar-2014 19:33:08 EST, Steve said
We did the future olympics many years ago, but that was individuals. Teams might make it better.

I want to suggest that we have a meeting by August and come up with a theme. That will let us promote with a theme all Fall which should help get people there. It might also mean we could go with a bigger theme since there'd be time for both the planners and those coming to prepare.

On Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 20:09:35 EST, Ian said
We could hold a wintercamp olympics. We form teams early in the week, and throughout the week, when a team wins a game, they get points, and have like a fire lighting with a torch the first day

On Thursday, 20-Feb-2014 19:53:05 EST, said
I had heard that they weren't going to close it anymore, but I don't know if that is still true or even if it ever was. I'll ask Bill Licht if he has an answer and let you know.

On Thursday, 20-Feb-2014 18:08:30 EST, Ethan said
Does anyone know if the BC Shower building will be open next year? I think I heard it was open this summer. Not sure if it was re-closed up after that.

On Friday, 07-Feb-2014 16:07:14 EST, Steve said
I did get the bill for our cabin use at Silver Trails. We were billed $300 for Kane and $200 for the Main Lodge. Between what we had budgeted for BC, some excess funds, and a couple of donations, we are covered for the $500.

On Thursday, 06-Feb-2014 07:46:14 EST, K2 said
That's really cool! I've never heard of that before.

On Tuesday, 04-Feb-2014 20:55:09 EST, Steve said
I think it would be cool. SJ Games has a bunch of parts for a Chaos machine ( that they bring out to some events. Apparently they have enough to go very big. They also encourage people to invent new parts and just generally go nuts.

On Friday, 31-Jan-2014 12:56:12 EST, K2 said
One activity that may be fun would be a type of Genius Night that we used to do in Science Olympia. It was building a contraption that has a pre-defined method to start and method to end (IE starts with dropping a quarter and ends with throwing a ping pong ball out of the contraption).

The way they were scored was points were awarded for each type of energy transfer (IE mechanical to electrical, electrical to chemical, etc). There were other factors that made it further complicated such as target run time, points deducted when manual intervention was required, size restrictions etc.

I figure if we start collecting now, we could have a pretty good collection of stuff to bring up to next wintercamp to use to build. It could be a genius night or an on-going activity to take place on the last evening or last day of wintercamp.

On Thursday, 30-Jan-2014 00:05:08 EST, Steve said
Probably not. I didn't update any of the ones with tables the first time out, mostly because I'm lazy. I'll try to look at them this weekend.

On Wednesday, 29-Jan-2014 16:22:36 EST, Ethan said
The participation award article is current only through Winter Camp XXX. Would it be difficult to bring it up to the present?

On Wednesday, 29-Jan-2014 13:30:26 EST, Steve said
I also added the ability to propose corrections and additions. You can also see if corrections/additions have been proposed when you look at an entry.

Would there be any interest in a return to the weekly trivia contest we used to have? Obviously, Mark's vote is probably the most important one.

What new thing would be most important to work on?

On Wednesday, 29-Jan-2014 08:32:47 EST, Ethan said
I like the search function a lot! I'd also like to take this time to advocate for a string maze at Winter Camp XXXVIII

On Wednesday, 29-Jan-2014 08:24:17 EST, K2 said
That's pretty awesome!

On Saturday, 25-Jan-2014 00:28:59 EST, Steve said
I added the ability to search the Encyclopedia via keyword looking at either just titles or complete entry text.

Any other suggestions?

On Friday, 24-Jan-2014 17:23:05 EST, Steve said
The story I heard was that the event lost money last year and so the Lodge decided not to hold it this year. They did offer that if some chapter wanted to run it they could.

This year there will be a wreath ceremony at 10:00am on the 8th. Next year, Mahican is planning to hold a larger event.

On Friday, 24-Jan-2014 14:28:11 EST, Ethan said
Is it cancelled due to weather? Low registrations? Something else going on at D-A?

On Friday, 24-Jan-2014 09:16:16 EST, Steve said
Chapter meeting was not very well attended. About 10 adults and maybe 12-14 youth. Winter Camp got a mention as did the wreath-laying for the Lincoln Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage itself has been cancelled but some lodge members are planning to do a wreath laying. I didn't get details.

On Wednesday, 22-Jan-2014 14:01:40 EST, Steve said
Chapter Meeting is Thursday the 23rd at 7:30 at First United Methodist in Dearborn

On Sunday, 19-Jan-2014 13:46:45 EST, Steve said
What if we considered a sort of Tron/Hacking theme. Maybe one team is the security forces of the network and the other group is a hacker collective. Win some early games to get some cool powers for later games.

On Friday, 17-Jan-2014 09:14:10 EST, Ethan said
I like the best new activity and best new meal idea. I'll try to identify some.

On Tuesday, 14-Jan-2014 12:39:11 EST, K2 said
Looks pretty sweet to me. That's similar to what i had set out to do back in 2009 with the DB structure i had mapped out.

On Tuesday, 14-Jan-2014 11:45:46 EST, Steve said
I might add a type to the entry so it would automatically display some stuff I could pull from the database like nights, camps, and which ones they were leaders at.

I was also thinking it might be fun to go back and identify a best new activity and best new meal at each camp. Any interest in that?

On Tuesday, 14-Jan-2014 10:44:44 EST, Steve said
I'm contemplating adding people to the Encyclopedia WinterCampica. Here's a sample person (and no, I didn't rig the assignment of my identity).

What does anyone think? I like being able to find where someone is mentioned in the Encyclopedia.

On Monday, 13-Jan-2014 15:14:26 EST, Steve said
The evaluation for Winter Camp XXXVII is available at (

For me the big takeaway is for earlier planning and more attention to detail around menus and activities.

On Monday, 13-Jan-2014 07:25:34 EST, Steve said
Most of the Encyclopedia WinterCampica ( has been updated with the latest edition. I also added the date so you can tell if I've updated it or not.

On Friday, 10-Jan-2014 16:38:31 EST, Steve said
The other thing we could consider is kind of a treasure hunt thing where you collect cards and then at the end of the week we reveal their value. Perhaps some combos would be more valuable. That's actually a bit of how majority rules was inspired.

On Friday, 10-Jan-2014 13:39:38 EST, Ethan said
I think resource cards or some other collectible for use in a late-weekette game sound good to me. I can imagine it working a little like the old currency system without being too serious.

On Thursday, 09-Jan-2014 15:24:21 EST, Steve said
Maybe we could factor the resource cards into the heist. You could use them for specific effects. Like maybe there's a "Rogue FBI Agent" who can force someone to miss part of the game or a "Gullible Assistant" who lets you gain some other exploit.

Resource cards could also be used just as things to hand out as tokens of rewards they've received.

We could always make our own magic-like game for Winter Camp using pictures of Winter Campers. Give every one some cards at the start of the week, allow trading and finding of more, then have a tournament at the end of the week.

On Thursday, 09-Jan-2014 12:16:47 EST, K2 said
I really liked the resource cards.

Maybe we could tie in the activities into the meals a little bit to encourage everyone to be on time to meals. We could have a "cool down timer" for innovation that was tied to each meal. For example, you can create one new device per meal. This gives you all night to think of your breakfast device, all morning to think of your lunch device, etc. We could also hand out a resource card to each person in the meal line and let them create devices with the resources they have available.

It would also be fun to hide resource cards in various places around camp to be discovered whenever. Candy machine, latrine, plates, etc.

We could also start out individuals by the inverse amount of wintercamps they've attended so the newest wintercampers get the most resources. We might need to have some kind of a sliding scale so it makes sense allocation wise.

Resources could be worked into the other ideas to purchase advantages.

If we had some advance planning, we could take advantage of the fact that usually someone in a group has a device capable of reading QR codes. We could setup some bonus clues only available via reading a QR code and visiting a specific website.

On Wednesday, 08-Jan-2014 21:15:45 EST, Steve said
Maybe the game could work better if there was some way to earn points by earlier events and then the team could buy the advantages they wanted from a list. More flexibility means more fun (sometimes). Maybe an auction with the points or even a silent auction.

On Wednesday, 08-Jan-2014 18:30:33 EST, Ian said
I was thinking of themes, the two I have come up with so far are the mafia and oceans 38. I like what Steve said about the second one

On Tuesday, 07-Jan-2014 17:16:08 EST, Steve said
I still think Luchador could be a good theme.

I've heard there's a suggestion out there for Ocean's 38. I'm not sure we could make a whole them of that, but maybe an activity.

Then again, maybe we have teams with traitors for the whole week. During the week we have several thematic activities which are really skirmishes leading to the final showdown (the heist).

Each player gets instructions to start the week for both his team and himself. As the game progresses he attempts to achieve some goals. As he achieves them, he gets rewards which will help his team. Some activities also have rewards

Casino night: teams can pool their money and if they have enough, buy off a traitor (or turn someone into a traitor).

Wounded Spy (or similar): Winning team gets to learn the identity of a traitor.

Other activities could perhaps have cash rewards or other sorts of awards. I'm sure we can come up with other activities with good rewards.

The event ends with a casino robbery done capture the flag style. The teams get special abilities based on their activities during the week.

On Sunday, 05-Jan-2014 23:20:35 EST, Steve said
I have three pairs of gloves, at least one of which is pretty dilapidated and a very nice pair of boots. If you're missing some stuff, let me know.

On Sunday, 05-Jan-2014 18:30:58 EST, Steve said
I've updated many of the History pages. Please take a look and let me know of any problems you find.

On Sunday, 05-Jan-2014 10:18:56 EST, Steve said
It looks like we used to try to pose for a group photo at earlier Winter Camps. It seems like this would be much easier to do in an era of digital cameras and self-timers. I'd like to suggest we revive this practice for Winter Camp XXXVIII.

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