Winter Camp XXXVII - 2013

Log your progress for this year.
Ian McKeeverGo on a spirit quest
Chris KirschkeCook a meal every day
Dan SheridanWrite a horror story
Grant MaxfieldExplore chemistry
Brian MaghranSCUBA diving
Nick WeathersGuitar playing
Ethan Rein & Dave OakleyPhotograph kitchamajigs in unusual environments
Kristie & Steve DonohueCompile WC hacks
Jeff RandRest for a full day
Steven LardinConstruct armor and weapons
Gabe Church & Alan WilsonConstruct battlebots
Mike OsvathRead a book and review it for the Winter Camp News
Joe WarrenDoughnut making
Adam Haubenstricker and Shane BishopPapermaking
Mark Bollman?Uranium glass collecting
Doug WilsonConstruct a candlestick telephone
Roger HornContinued aviation
Alex DownieCandymaking
Corey SanbornPlan and promote a fun activity for a chapter meeting
Ben GreenMail WC postcards from European countries
Ben OsvathGet a boating license
Robert Miller & Chris DownieLaunch a weather balloon

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