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Winter Camp XXXVIII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2014
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Theme:Ocean's 38
Youth Cost:$45.45
Adult Cost:$50.50
Attendance:32 (18 youth, 14 adults)
Leader:Ian M.
Adviser:Kristie Donohue
Scout's Own AdviserEthan Rein (Religious Adviser)
Participation Award AdviserEthan Rein
Newspaper AdviserMark Bollman-->
Kitchen DirectorTim K.
Kitchen AdviserSteve Donohue
Activity LeaderCorey S.
Activities AdviserMichael Osvath (Activity Adviser)
Chapter:Migisi Opawgan
WCUES Score:252
Service Project:Paint the interior of the main camp shop barn, including work in the restroom, the primary vehicle service area, and the metal grinder. A plaque in the barn commemorates this work.
Catchphrase:Achieving new heights
There were many highs shown in the pictures of this camp including painting high ceilings, a highest flag pole contest, high rollers at the casino, and aerial pictures from a drone.

Winter Camp XXXVIII was hosted by the newly formed Mi-gi-si O-paw-gan Chapter, which came to be when the former Mahican and Wsigau chapters merged. After having been displaced to Silver Trails Scout Reservation for XXXVII, this camp marked the triumphant return to Beaver Creek. For the most part, the weather was cold and windy. While temperatures were consistently below freezing, D-bar-A was not visited by snow. In addition to Beaver Creek and Clearwater cabins, Winter Campers slept out in four different tents or shelters.

The Ocean's 38 theme was manifested primarily on December 30th, when the Winter Camp casino was moved to Trout Lake Cabin. Cheat cards improved Winter Camper's gambling prowess. As a result, the $10,000,000 and $50,000,000 chips made several appearances. The Casino Buffet, complementary drink station, and Stage Show were also part of the expanded Casino Night.

Winter Campers proved adaptable when the Service Project was moved from December 29 to 28 at the request of newly elevated Head Ranger Jack Sims. That project found Winter Campers on ladders and scaffolds with paint brushes and rollers for a complete repainting of the Ranger's automotive shop. The activity schedule proved too ambitious at times as several events (a showing of Ocean's 11, Couch Potato Triathlon, Snow Soccer, and Escape Contest,) were cancelled due to participants having been worn out from prior activities or time conflicts. An unscheduled four square game broke out in Trout Lake cabin prior to the Luncheon meal. The String Maze and subsequent trading activity and Hunter-Gatherer Meal challenged participants to work as a team and be creative in terms of making deals and using food and supplies.

There were other memorable meals, including well-reviewed Mexican Team Dinner, the Luncheon at Trout Lake Cabin, which featured macaroni and cheese served in edible cones, and Jackpot Grits. Adviser Kristie Donohue presented four participation awards prior to the Conglomerate Lunch.

Participants left camp looking forward to exploring new hobbies and collecting items for the next time capsule in the 4.10 Mercurian years until they would be back for Winter Camp XXXIX.

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