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Winter Camp XXXVII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2013
Location:Kane Cabin, Silver Trails Scout Reservation
Theme:Through the Ages
Youth Cost:$45.45
Adult Cost:$50.50
Attendance:32 (19 youth, 13 adults)
Leader:TR E.
Adviser:Gabe Church
Participation Award AdviserEthan Rein
Newspaper AdviserMark Bollman-->
Kitchen DirectorTim K.
Kitchen AdviserSteve Donohue
Activities AdviserKeith King (Activity Adviser)
WCUES Score:294
Service Project:(Silver Trails SR) Clean the dining hall (including the fireplace mantel and all mugs on the rack), flip overturned picnic tables in camp, cut and clean up storm-damaged wood, build and rebuild wood racks, and stack cut wood on those racks.
Catchphrase:Strange fruit, strange land
Winter Cap XXXVII relocated to the unfamiliar grounds of Silver Trails Scout Reservation due to downed power lines at D-bar-A. The Gatherer Lunch that kicked off the weekette included several exotic fruits like horned melon and Buddha's hand.

The story of Winter Camp XXXVII cannot be told without including the ice storm that barreled across Michigan in the days before camp. Lost power, downed trees, damaged electrical lines, and treacherous driving conditions conspired to close D-bar-A Scout Ranch, forcing Winter Campers to find a temporary home at Silver Trails Scout Reservation.

At Silver Trails, Winter Camp was afforded a large kitchen and dining room which became the central meeting place. The dining room's fireplace provided much needed heat and entertainment. Campers also had use of the camp's large cabin for sleeping.

Thematically, this Winter Camp took participants on a journey from man's primitive origins to the modern day. Meat and heat were not available until the group demonstrated its mastery of hunting and fire making. These skills were demonstrated when the group set out on a successful mastodon hunt and sent a large block of magnesium up in flames. Later in the weekette, teams harnessed their powers or creativity, observation, and collaboration to compete in the Market Madness game.

The change in location added an element of unfamiliarity to traditional events such as the Blind Hike and Cross Country Golf. The golf groups took time to explore the camp's central valley while moving toward the hole. Silver Trails' Ranger Jerry Deeg helped continue Winter Camp's tradition of service. Projects included storm damage clean up, odd jobs in the camp's wood shop, and stacking firewood.

Members of the set-up team dug up a time capsule, allowing those activities to continue without interruption. Those determined to take part in the time capsule burial drove to D-bar-A for the hike and ceremony.

Although sausage making failed to excite much participation, the Skittles Sausage it produced was highly rated. Budda's Hand, a citrus fruit, made its first appearance on the Winter Camp menu. Time will tell if it was the last.

Some will look forward to December 27, 2014 as the sixteenth anniversary of the adoption of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Winter Campers will spend the year anticipating a return to the traditional confines of Beaver Creek.

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