Winter Camp XXXV - 2011

Dates:December 27-31, 2011
Location:Beaver Creek and Clearwater Cabins
D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:32 (20 youth, 12 adults)
Leader:Josh Cicotte
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:328
Catchphrase:Friends, food, fun and fire
This could reasonably be chosen as the catchphrase for any Winter Camp.

Participants at Winter Camp XXXV became "Defenders of the Earth," as they sought to protect their world from a number of disasters. On Day One they encountered the "Zombie Apocalypse," only to face an "Alien Invasion" on the second day. On subsequent days they encountered "Natural Disasters" and a "Plague."

Fire played a prominent roll in both planned and unplanned events. While no one was actually burned during Armageddon on the first day, three teams of survivors prepared to sacrifice one of their own to the eternal flames. The subsequent Zombie Apocalypse challenged teams to move a dangerous ground flame to the Clearwater fire pit where a series on colorful accelerants hastened the demise of the zombies. Fire continued its prominent role with the clout shoot (flaming arrows) from "The Face." In an effort to save the earth from annihilation due to various natural disasters, teams constructed devices from various craft supplies. Whether these devices were effective, most of them were ultimately destroyed by fire.

Food shopping was a little more flexible in 2011 as the "That Looks Good Snack" consisted of items decided upon at the time of purchase rather than the typical planned menu. Other new meals included the Anniversary Breakfast, Made in Michigan Lunch, Pancake Dinner, and Smoked Meat Meal.

That this camp marked the 35th consecutive gathering in the fields and forests of D-bar-A was tribute to the friendships that have endured and those that continue to flourish among the less seasoned participants. At the conclusion of Winter Camp XXXV, 268 different Arrowmen have spent 3,230 nights enjoying the unconventional traditions of the event.

The "End of the World" occurred on December 31 for those attending Winter Camp XXXV, but Arrowmen were certain that it would be temporary and another cycle would begin on December 27, 2012 in spite of others predicting a less certain future.

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