Winter Camp XXXIX - 2015

Dates:December 27-31, 2015
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:39 (20 youth, 19 adults)
Leader:Steven Lardin
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:232
Catchphrase:Yes, we ate it!
The menu included a number or experimental items including seafood ragout, peanut butter meatloaf, cinnamon peas, and chocolate mashed potatoes. While none of these was dangerous they were not as well-received as other culinary experiment; the dessert experiments, including piecaken and candy pie were more successful.

Winter Campers took a trip back millions of years, long before the dawn of man, for a Dinosaur-themed camp. Enthusiasm for the program was reflected in the 2 participation awards that were presented. This thirty-ninth Winter Camp was had a thrilling mix of meals and activities.

Activities challenged participants' mental and physical capacities, often at the same time. A brief hike to the Trout Lake activity field allowed for a round of "pterodactyl" kite-fighting included genuine glass-covered kite string from India. A question-and-answer version of the sound hike revealed an incorrect message, but will surely not be forgotten. Blind volleyball and cricket were played for the first time at Winter Camp while classic activities such the blind hike, cross-country golf, 4-way volleyball and the time capsule hike were enjoyed. Time spent indoors included the construction of two human-sized papier mache dinosaurs (later destroyed), a soldering exercise, the Winter Camp Casino, at which Skip-Bo replaced the familiar Chuck-A-Luck game, a viewing of Jurassic World, and the Hobby Demo and Draw. For this camp, the group selected "shenanigans" as a group-wide hobby for all participants.

Those leaving camp hungry did so at their own folly, as the meals of Winter Camp XXXIX were as filling as they were delightful. The Jurassic Park-inspired scavenged meal featured many campers' first (and possibly last) peanut butter meatloaf and chocolate mashed potatoes. Bollmano's pizza continued to be a crowd favorite. Thanks to the cranking efforts of many in the Clearwater cabin, three varieties of homemade ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) were served at the Ice Cream Social snack. Hunters Creek cabin played host to the Found Meal, at which included many wonders from the sea were served.

While Winter Campers are happy for the seasonal stability that Leap Day provides, they will struggle with the challenge of waiting an additional 0.3038 weekettes until Winter Camp XL.

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