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Winter Camp XXXIII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2009
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Theme:Bigger than Big and then Some
Youth Cost:$41.41
Adult Cost:$47.47
Attendance:29 (15 youth, 14 adults)
Leader:Gabriel C.
Adviser:Keith King
Newspaper AdviserMark Bollman-->
Kitchen AdviserSteve Donohue
Activities AdviserJeffrey Rand (Activity Adviser)
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:302 (Details)
Service Project:Split and move wood, and burn brush, near the Trout Lake building, capture and relocate swans living on Lockwood Lake, burn the original Clearwater latrine, and dismantle the 12' wall at the COPE course in Jack Lord.
Catchphrase:Bigger than big barrage of balls
"GIANT!" was the them of Winter Camp XXXIII, and sought to enlarge traditional Winter Cap events. The weekette featured a number of events using multiple playground balls.

Texans are known to boast about the size of their state, but the Lone Star is small when compared to the excitement at Winter Camp XXXIII. As the theme bigger than big and then some suggested, normal Winter Camp activities were expanded in size and scope to challenge the participants.

The program included both unscheduled and scheduled activities. However, it was some of the unscheduled ones that captured the attention of the group. Most notable of these was the Giant Jenga block contest and the impressive crashes that occurred when the structures became too unstable. The record height of 32 levels exceeded 4 feet in height and it was suggested that a serious tower might eventually reach the ceiling beams.

For the first time in recent memory all scheduled activities were held as the planners worked toward a more balanced schedule of events. Even the hikes that were disguised as fun activities were widely accepted. New activities included papermaking, road bowling, kickball billiards, giant balloons, kick in hole, and the forgery contest. Several events were enhanced in keeping with the theme. These included cross country golf with tennis balls, a movie on the giant screen at Wykoff Lodge, a giant objective made out of light sticks for capture the objective, and super-sized bocce. In total there were seven scheduled and one unscheduled event involving balls. Human foosball would have been added to the list, but it was replaced with Frisbee golf due to dangerous ice conditions on the foosball court.

Culinary skills were especially evident at Winter Camp XXXIII, as the menu achieved a good balance between the customary meals and some new themes. New meals included the Palamedes Lunch, Puzzle Meal, Nautilus Lunch, Roaster Lunch, Southern Hospitality Dinner, Blind Beggars' Banquet, and the Mold Meal. Although the lunches were simplified, the dinners remained as a highlight, and the pulled pork was especially tasty during the Southern Hospitality Dinner. The new roaster proved to be useful in preparing a delicious batch of Rand Stew for the Conglomerate Lunch.

Participants left eagerly anticipating three and a third blue moons before they could return to Winter Camp XXXIV, and were pleased to experience one in the conventional sense at the conclusion of camp.

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