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Winter Camp XXXII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2008
Location:Beaver Creek, Clearwater, & Trout Lake cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Youth Cost:$39.39
Adult Cost:$43.43
Attendance:27 (15 youth, 12 adults)
Leader:Robert F.
Adviser:Steve Donohue
Newspaper AdviserMark Bollman-->
Kitchen DirectorAndrew F.
Kitchen AdviserDouglas Wilson
Kitchen AdviserJeffrey Rand
Activity LeaderGabriel C.
Activity LeaderJoe F.
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:242 (Details)
Service Project:Move approximately 30 cords of logs felled while the Ranch's new disc golf course was cleared, assist in splitting this wood, and retrieve a number of display cases that had been donated to D-A by a Dearborn jewelry store.
Catchphrase:Bug-Out from Beaver Creek
Winter Camp XXXII's military theme was realized in a way that no one could have anticipated: with a full-scale bugout from Beaver Creek to Trout Lake after the electricity failed in BC.

The military theme for Winter Camp XXXII was selected by a popular vote at Winter Camp XXXI with the idea that additional planning time would result in an even better implementation of the theme. It didn't quite work out that way as some campers had lost enthusiasm for the theme before we even got there.

The most memorable event of Winter Camp XXXII by far was the "Bugout!". An overnight windstorm left everyone in camp without power except Beaver Creek and Clearwater cabins. As Ethan Morlock and Dougal MacEachren arrived for religious services, the power in our cabins went out too. The power remained out for the rest of Sunday and cooking was complicated by the darkness. The power company promised a return of service soon, but when "sometime Monday" changed to "after 5:00 pm Tuesday" the decision was made to move to Trout Lake cabin where the cubs had left and the power was on. The lights had not come back on at Beaver Creek when we left camp.

Despite the bugout, we managed to stick to our schedule for the most part. New activities included the Bugout!, Artillery Battleship, the Long Distance Slingshot, a Downed Pilot search, and the Mentos Challenge. Not appearing on the schedule but very successful was Yeti Dodgeball. New Meals included the Alamo Dinner, M*A*S*H Meal (a lunch), the SOS Lunch, the Radioactive Snack, and the Officer and Enlisted Breakfast. The World Christmas dinner returned with items from around the world. Among the most memorable foods at the dinner were the Czech Hoska (a kind of sweetbread) and South American Key Lime pie which, in the hands of Winter Campers, had a very gummy texture and a brilliant green (some would say nuclear) color.

As they left, Winter Campers didn't know the theme for Winter Camp XXXIII, but they knew that it would be held a mere 360 days later, thus turning another circle in the great wheel of life.

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